Public Affairs Activities

Missouri Archaeology Month Presentation Gives the Public an intimate look at an Ancient Weapon


Dr. Elizabeth Sobel (ANT) organized and directed a public event for Missouri Archaeology Month sponsored by the Missouri Archaeological Society, Missouri State University Center for Archaeological Research, and Missouri State University Deptartment of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology. The event entitled Atlatl Demonstration and Use gave participants hands-on experience in understanding one of mankind’s earliest projectile weapons. The atlatl or “spear-thrower” (in the Aztec Language) is an ancient weapon that was once used for hunting and combat by humans around the globe. Dr. Sobel discussed the role of atlatls in past societies and then, along with several other individuals, demonstrated how this weapon is used. Attendees then spent the rest of the program using atlatls. Everyone had a great time learning how to use the weapon. Over the course of the three two-hour programs, a total of 90 people attended. Attendees included members of the general public as well as MSU students, staff, and faculty. The three two-hour sessions were held on September 13-15, 2007.

Hispanic Heritage Month Activities

Hispanic Heritage Missouri State University’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month lasted from September 15th through October 15, 2007. The office of multicultural student services along with various departments in the college hosted numerous events for persons interested in learning more about Hispanic culture and customs. The theme for this year’s celebration was “Discovering the History of Our Diverse Roots.” As a particular contribution towards focusing on the theme of this year’s month long celebration of Hispanic Heritage month, CHPA created a display case exposition of the multi-racial and multi-cultural heritage of Hispanic America on the second floor in Strong Hall. The display included many artifacts and original colonial documents from the 17th and 18th centuries which chronicled the development and complexities of the inter-cultural origins of Hispanic heritage in the Americas.

Native American Heritage Month Activities

Pow WowIn recognition of Native American Heritage month, Missouri State University and CHPA will present a month-long celebration entitled, “A Native Prescription: Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit.” The celebration began November 7th with a presentation by Dr. W. Raymond Wood, emeritus professor of anthropology at the University of Missouri. entitled, “Images of Missouri: Native Americans.” Other events organized by Dr. William Meadows (ANT) include a discussion on “Plastic Shamanism and White Hobbyist” by American Indian Student association (AISA) president Stephen Fullerton on November 13th and a Kiowa Handgame demonstration by the Yellowhair family of Oklahoma on November 15, as well as the 4th annual Native American Heritage Month Powwow to be held from November 17-18. Currently the College also has a series of Native American heritage displays on the second and fourth floors of Strong Hall which will be on available for viewing throughout the month of November.