The College of Humanities and Public Affairs announces the retirement of three of its faculty and staff in the Spring 2007 semester.

Dr. LaMoine DeVries

Religious Studies

Dr. LaMoine F. DeVries, Missouri State University’s specialist in Biblical Archaeology and Biblical Backgrounds for close to thirtyDeVries years, has enjoyed a long and prestigious career teaching at Missouri State. Dr. DeVries stated, “teaching at Missouri State University has been an exciting venture for me.”

An archaeologist who regularly took MSU students to Israel for field school experiences, Dr. DeVries believes that the study of archaeology has influenced his life and his philosophy of teaching more than anything else. Throughout his career he has been a part of a large number of major archaeological excavations throughout Israel and the Holy Land, and he plans to continue his research and writing interests in the field.

He wrote for this newsletter the following message to the college and our readers: “I am grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had to be a part of the MSU community for the past nearly thirty years. It has been an incredible journey personally and professionally. I am especially indebted to the Religious Studies Department, its faculty, and the Department Head for their support, encouragement, and challenges that helped me develop my skills in teaching, research, and writing. My most exciting experiences came as I worked with students, in the classroom, in my office, or at a cookout trying to help each one see themselves as special and unique and to dream big dreams.”

Dr. DeVries future plans include spending more time with his wife and family; developing a better exercise routine; travel; and the continuation of his research and writing

Dr. Bertrand P. Helm



Dr. Bertrand Helm came to the Missouri State University’s Department of Philosophy in 1966 after having received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Tulane University. He has enjoyed a long career in teaching and research at Missouri State University serving as a mentor and advisor to generations of students interested in Philosophy. His department and the College wish him well with his future plans.

Dr. Jon Moran



Dr. Jon Moran came to Missouri State in 1973, shortly after the school received its designation as a university. He was originally a member of the combined Political Science and Philosophy Department and served as the acting head of that department for two years. From 1991 until 2003, he also served as the head of the free standing Department of Philosophy. Over the years his research and teaching interests have included Philosophy of Religion, American Philosophy and Asian Philosophy. After he retires he is interested in continuing his research and writing. He and his wife are planning to do quite a bit of traveling, both to see the world, and to visit their daughters and their families in St. Louis and San Diego. He is wavering in his belief that he can read the hundreds of books that he has accumulated over the years, but he is going to give it a try.