Student & Alumni Activities & Achievements

CHPA Graduate Students Present Papers at the Midwest International Studies Association Conference

Hickey Kim Conference

Several CHPA Graduate students recently presented papers at the Midwest International Studies Association Conference that was held in St. Louis over the weekend of November 3-5, 2006.

At left, Ms. Kim Wilson (PLS) and Dr. Dennis Hickey (PLS) enjoy a break before Wilson’s presentation.

Ms. Wilson presented the paper, "Relative Progress: A Comparative Study of the Status of Women in the PRC and ROC," on the panel entitled "Economics and Politics in East and Southeast Asia." Dr. Hickey chaired the panel and also served as the discussant.

Ms. Lilly Kelan Lu (PLS), presented another paper entitled, "Can the China Lobby Effectively Promote Beijing's Interests in the US?" in the panel "Domestic Influences on Foreign Policy." Ms. Lu is from Qingdao, China. Lily 2

Both papers were well received.

This is the first time that graduate students from MSU's Graduate program in International Affairs participated in the International Studies Associate Midwest Conference.

Support for student's travel to the conference was provided by the Office of the Provost, the Graduate School, the Political Science Department and the College of Humanities and Public Affairs.

Dr. Hickey and the student participants involved wish to thank CHPA and the other sponsors for supporting this opportunity for our graduate students.

MSU Student Founder of Jane D.O.E. (Daughters of Eve) Organization Honored as “Emerging Leader”

ChristinChristin Green, an MSU Language and Literature major with a minor in Gender Studies, recently received the honor of being the first "emerging leader" in the Women of Distinction Leadership Awards program. The founder of Jane D.O.E. (Daughters of Eve), a student organization founded to educate, empower and support women's issue and rights, Green, 20, is already working to evoke change.

This is the fifth year area women have been recognized during Women's History Month by MSU and the Ozarks Alliance of Professional Organizations. The aim is to recognize women who are a positive influence in the lives of Ozarks women.

Green, has led the campus' V-day activities, and supporters say she practically arranged March's Women's History Month activities single-handed.

However, Green, a junior from Liberty, has her eye on something larger: a women's resource center, for all women in the area to access — a clearing house offering everything from counseling services to health care education.

"Women don't connect enough on our own," Green said. "We need a community of other women. We need to embrace one another. A community can help people grow."

Dr. Stacy Ulbig (PLS), assistant professor of Political Science at MSU, said Green is "a force of nature…When you work with Christin she's like a strong wind when it comes to getting things done."

Recent History M.A. is Awarded a Scholarship and Teaching Assistantship at Ohio State University to Continue his Research on English Sailors Tried by the Inquisition in Mexico

Michael S. Hale (HST, M.A. 2005), currently a per course instructor of History at Missouri State University has recently been awarded a scholarship and Teaching fellowship in the History Department of Ohio StatehALE University.

Under the direction of Dr. John F. Chuchiak (HST), Michael Hale completed an M.A. thesis entitled “Behold these English Dogs!: Englishmen in the Atlantic world before the Holy Office of the Inquisition, 1560-1630.” Hale’s thesis, which utilized colonial Spanish and Early Modern English primary documents, examined the conflicts between England and Spain from 1568-1636 which focused on the continued arrest and persecution of English sailors by Spanish Inquisition officials throughout the Atlantic World.

Excited by his admission to the Atlantic History Ph.D. program at Ohio State, Hale stated, “They said that they want me to continue with my M.A. thesis for the Doctoral Dissertation….” Michael added, “They were as excited as I am about the project, and believe that much if not most of the writing and research for the Dissertation has already been completed.”

Michael plans to continue his research and complete a Ph.D. in the History of the Atlantic World. He is also currently preparing to work with Dr. Chuchiak to co-author a scholarly book on the 1568 Sir John Hawkins Expedition to Mexico and its political consequences in the Early Modern World.

Political Science Graduate Student to Serve this Summer as a Fellow at the Landmine Survivors Network (LSN) in Washington D.C.

MunisaThis summer, PLS MIAA Graduate Student Munisa Vahobova (at left) will serve as a fellow at the Landmine Survivors Network (LSN) ( in Washington, D.C.

In November 2001, LSN launched the "Rutherford Fellowship" to honor the work and dedication of LSN co-founder, Dr. Kenneth Rutherford (PLS), who each year, selects one of his brightest and most hard-working students to be a fellow at Landmine Survivors Network.

Munisa will be the sixth PLS student to serve as a Rutherford Fellow at LSN in Washington, D.C.

Two former fellows, CHPA students, Zhanna Son (PLS MIAA) and Judy Kigari (PLS) are currently employed full-time by LSN.


First image is Judy Kigari (CHPA 2005 Graduate), is currently the Grants and Finance Coordinator, and she has been working for LSN for over one year.






Zhanna Son (PLS MIAA Graduate from 2005), is currently a Special Programs Associate, who has been at LSN for three years. This picture shows her in Geneva, Switzerland working at the LSN office.





Political Science Graduate Student Awarded a Summer Internship in Japan to work with Local Government Officials

Miko Kyoto

Miko McFarland, a current graduate student in the Political Science Department, has been awarded a summer internship by the Japanese Local Government Center. She will spend the summer of 2007 as an intern in the local government of Okazaki, Japan. The internship provides support for travel and living expenses.

Miko is a first year student enrolled in the Graduate Program in International Affairs and Administration. She is also a graduate assistant in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology. In addition to her academic pursuits, Miko is an active spokesperson for the Study Abroad Program and frequently speaks to undergraduate classes about her experiences studying abroad in Osaka, Japan.

Miko is also the vice-president of the Political Science Graduate Student Association and a member of Pi Sigma Alpha. Upon graduation, Miko intends to pursue a career in U.S.-international relations with Japan and East Asia.

Political Science Alumni Begins Doctoral Program

Matthew HowellMatthew Howell, MSU '06 in Political Science, has been accepted into the Martin School doctoral program in Public Administration at the University of Kentucky.The Martin School is one of the top 20 public administration schools in the USA.It's specialty in public finance is ranked 6th by US News and World Report.Matthew says that his undergraduate courses in policy analysis, American political behavior, statistics, and economics were the best preparation for his degree program.This summer, Matthew has a job working for the City Manager of Paducah, KY as a general city employee, with emphasis on drafting ordinances for the city's Lowertown and historic districts. 

CHPA Student and Alumni Connection

Mr. Nathan Blank who will graduate in May from the Graduate Program in International Affairs and Administration, has received a full scholarship (covering tuition and living expenses) to continue his studies in Southeast Asian politics at the University of Northern Illinois.

Ms. Lilly Kelan Lu, who will graduate in August from the Graduate Program in International Affairs and Administration, has been admitted to several doctoral programs in the U.S. (some offering a graduate assistantship) and will make her choice later in the semester.

Ms. Kim Wilson, who will graduate in August from the Graduate Program in International Affairs and Administration, has accepted an offer to teach English at Missouri State University’s campus in Dalien, China.