CHPA International Outreach


Gulf 3Dr. Lorene Stone and Visiting Professor of Political Science, Dr. Muhamad Olimat, led a delegation of three graduate and four undergraduate Missouri State University political science students on an outreach trip to Kuwait for ten days in December, 2006. The trip was sponsored by the Kuwait Information Office (KIO) in Washington, D.C. and the Ministry of Information for the State of Kuwait. According to Dr. Muhamad Olimat, this trip was the first time that the Kuwait Information Office sponsored a trip for students outside of the North East.

The trip was initially organized as part of an intercession class on American-Kuwait relations. Professor Olimat explained that the purpose of the trip was to enhance connections between the College and our University with the people of Kuwait. Olimat stated that, “Kuwait is a close ally of the United States in the Middle East and we wanted to familiarize our students with the special partnership between the two countries.” The object of the trip focused on promoting an international and a multicultural outlook among Missouri State students and the organizers hoped that the delegation could help to build a partnership and possible exchange programs with Kuwaiti universities and Missouri State.

The itinerary for the trip included visiting the Minister of Information, Kuwait University, Kuwait Parliament, the U.S. Embassy and the Kuwait Stock Market. The delegation also had the opportunity to tour Kuwait City and meet Kuwaiti families.Gulf1

College of Humanities and Public Affairs Dean Lorene Stone headed the Missouri State delegation. She stated that she believed that the trip offered both the student and faculty participants a terrific opportunity to be exposed to the culture and people of Kuwait. Stone emphasized that fostering positive relations with Kuwait is essential, especially now when the Middle East is in transition. Dean Stone commented that our students gained an excellent experience of immersion in “an Arab society that is a strong ally and one that is interested in democratic ideals."