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New Master of Science in Criminology Program Created!

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The Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology will begin offering a new Master of Science in Criminology degree program in Fall 2007. The Master of Science in Criminology degree program will provide graduate students at Missouri State University with the opportunity for advanced knowledge and understanding of issues involving criminal behavior, the operation of the criminal justice system, crime control policy initiatives, and the use of theory and research methods for criminal justice program evaluation, all within the framework of the University's public affairs mission. The program provides credentials for moving into management positions in criminal justice agencies, assuming jobs in criminology/criminal justice research centers, and serves as a springboard to Ph.D. programs at other universities.

Plans Progress for the Creation of a New Master’s Degree Program in Archaeology

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The Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology also recently created a proposal for a Master of Science in Applied Anthropology. This newly proposed degree program, if approved, will draw heavily from the faculty and resources of the Center for Archaeological Research and emphasize cultural resource management, public archaeology, and cultural ethnography. The CHPA newsletter will keep you posted on the progress of this proposal as it makes its way through the curricular approval process.

History Department Adds New Masters Degree Tracks to Its Existing Program


In order to update and revise the Master of Arts program in History, the History Department’s Graduate Studies Committee recently added several new “tracks” to the existing M.A. program in order to better reflect and focus student research and course work along more Global and International areas of emphasis. For more information on these new "tracks," please contact the History Department by calling 417-836-5511 or visiting their website.

New Intercollediate Global Studies Program Will Begin in Fall 2007

Globe PLSGlobal studies can broadly be defined as the study of global issues (for example, population growth, poverty, diseases, environmental degradation, conflicts) and trends such as globalization and interdependence in their economic, political, cultural, and social dimensions, area studies, and the acquisition of foreign language skills. As such, students pursuing a major in Global Studies and, for example, a minor in one of the area studies programs (see here), will become familiar with these issues, trends, and areas, and strive to acquire a high level of proficiency in a foreign language. More broadly, it means understanding the increasingly global nature of every aspect of life and how this affects the local environment in the United States as well as in other countries.

The Major in Global Studies offered by Missouri State University is inherently linked to the state-wide mission in Public Affairs in that students will be educated as globally aware citizens. In an increasingly interdependent world, students must be aware of and educated in political, social, economic and cultural aspects and, combined with necessary language skills, be able to live and work as citizens in such a world. The Major is thus a logical extension of public affairs at the international level.

Dr. John F. Chuchiak (HST) appointed as the Dean’s Fellow for the College of Humanities and Public Affairs


Dr. John F. Chuchiak (HST) was appointed as the first CHPA Dean’s Fellow of Public Affairs. In an effort to streamline the duties and responsibilities of the changing role of the current Dean’s office as a cost center, Dr. Lorene Stone created the new position of Dean’s Fellow in order to redistribute several of the duties and responsibilities of the Associate Dean and free up that position to work more fully on new administrative priorities. The CHPA Dean’s Fellow in Public Relations is charged with the responsibility of maintaining and regularly updating the CHPA web site, including CHPA Calendar Events, writing the CHPA on-line Newsletter (two issues per academic year), and maintaining other College web sites. The fellow will also to work with University Communications on press releases on College-sponsored events and faculty/staff accomplishments.

In addition, the Fellow will coordinate, organize and be responsible for the creation of appropriate displays in the two display cases on the 2nd floor of Strong Hall. Any information concerning CHPA faculty and Alumni accomplishments and activities should be forwarded to the Dean’s Fellow at