September 28, 2017

Minutes - CHPA Heads’ Meeting

September 28, 2017

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Ken Brown, Kathleen Kennedy, Jack Llewellyn, John Harms (for David Rohall), Elizabeth Foreman, Eric Wahner (for Scott Morris), George Connor, Brett Garland

Items Discussed:

  1. Online course development boot camp for faculty – Heads were asked to poll their faculty to see who might wish to participate in this short version of the online course development workshop in the week before classes begin in January.
  2. Mentoring of 1st and 2nd year faculty – first sessions went well and centered on providing these new faculty with information about the campus, its offices, and how to obtain help with faculty development, health care, and student services.
  3. Upcoming recruitment efforts – Pam Sailors outlined recruiting events in the fall and spring semesters and noted that we would no longer participate in the recruitment fairs in Springfield or other cities due to cost and low yield for our college. We will have full participation in Showcase and other on-campus efforts.
  4. Email scams (see notes below from ALC) – recent scams can be avoided if faculty are alert and do not click on or respond to these pfishing efforts.
  5. CHPA Scholarship Banquet – Oct. 23: Heads are reminded to keep their remarks about recipients short and to the point.
  6. Expressive Activity policy (see notes below) – no additional suggestions on changes.
  7. General discussion of fall enrollment, increase in majors, potential for graduate programs and certificates – with a 3% increase in SCH and a 4% increase in majors in the college, the Heads and their faculty are to be congratulated on a job well done. Each department was asked to consider if they wished to develop new certificate programs.
  8. Hiring Update – HST has three searches and ECO and SOC have one each. The deadline for first consideration is mid-October for the HST and SOC jobs and the end of October for the ECO position. They are already beginning to attract a sizable pool.
  9. ( and PSIP applications ( Heads were asked to share the information in these websites with applicants.


Minutes from 9-27-17 ALC Meeting:

1)  Enterprise Rental – Donna Christian and Natalie McNish

Donna wanted to remind the group that if there is any incidents where cash is missing the first phone call should be General Counsel/Internal Audit before outside entities such as Springfield Police Department.  Also, a reminder that we do not allow any outside bank accounts in the departments.

            a)  When do you use a rental car, and what are the stipulations?        

Employees should select the method of transportation that meets the needs of the University at the lowest possible cost.  However, this is still at administrator discretion, but we still want to do what is best for the University. 

            b)  What about Jefferson City trips?

Internal Audit handed out a sheet that shows what it cost to reimburse vs. renting a car at Enterprise.  The comparison is for a compact car not a full-sized sedan.  However, depending on the number of people traveling, car size can go up. 

            c)  Where do you get it?  Hours open?

The University has a contract with Enterprise that gives us better rates and also covers insurance.  Departments will have to have a separate P-card with Enterprise.  What Internal Audit is encouraging people to do is use the State of Missouri Office of Administration’s Trip Optimizer tool.  The link is in the new policy.

2)  Expressive Activity Policy

            a)  Policy changes will go to BOG Program & Planning Committee

            b)  Do you have concerns about the changes?

The policy was sent to ALC prior to the meeting.  This will go to the BOG during the Programs & Planning meeting in October.  Should we add the Professional building to the excluded areas because of the speech-language and audiology clinics and also the Child Development Center (like Greenwood is).  Is Mace and Pepper Spray allowed on campus? Why the decrease from 8 hours to 4 hours?  What is the thought behind that change?  Proximity to entrance doors and how protests affect traffic flow in and out of buildings.  Additional feedback should be sent to Frank and he will funnel it to those that need to look at these things.  We want a policy that allows considerable expression, but at the same time, is not open to a free-for-all and if we don’t have something in a policy you certainly can’t enforce something.

3)  Update on Efficiency Steps (Chris)

            a)  Per Course faculty being rehired each semester

Per Course faculty will not need to apply to the ATS system each semester unless there is a break in service.  HR will be sending a letter to Departments around 10/6 in regards to re-hires for spring 2018.  Anytime an I-9 needs to be done, the faculty will need to reapply. 

            b)  Status of PAF Signature reduction

PAF signatures will be streamlined at the Provost level for signatures.  PAF’s will all come to the Provost area, but not all PAF’s will be signed at the Provost level.

4)  Course Periodicity and the Curricular Process (Cindy MacGregor)

            a)  Any concerns about not being in the Catalog?

Cindy wants to bring this to the Curricular Work Group to bring forth eliminating the periodicity intervals in the catalog.  Cindy thought she should get input at different levels in removing the periodicity from description also. She will take a Senate Action to Senate and getting senate to vote on it.

5)  Cybersecurity Awareness education

            a)  Plan – hope to have staff training continue this fall

            b)  Improve faculty awareness – spring

Video will be sent around to be viewed.  Try and show it as part of bigger groups and invite Jeff Morrissey’s group to come talk.  There is no mandate at the moment, but this is a good idea that all faculty and staff view. Possibly show in departmental meetings. The Provost Office will send out the link to the Deans/ALC.


Dates and Deadlines:

September 29 Faculty submit Tenure and/or Promotion dossier to Department Heads and
                       External Reviews due to Department Heads for inclusion in the dossier

October 1 Deadline for Faculty to submit proposal for Fall Faculty Research Grants

October 1 General Education Annual Reports due to CGEIP

October 2 Department Heads submit Promotion dossiers to Department Committee

October 4 CHPA Research Forum: Pippa Koch (REL) will speak on "Medicine and Maternity:
                 Early American Religion in Global Encounters," at 3:30 pm in STRO 201

October 6 First Generation Conference in PSU

October 7 Fall Showcase in PSU

October 9 Deadline for Major Equipment Submission

Oct 12-13 Fall Holiday

October 15 Deadline for submission of International Travel Fund requests to Graduate School:
                   International Travel Fund requests