Research and Sponsored Projects Investment Plan

Research and Sponsored Projects Investment Plan

Goal 1. Create an environment that facilitates research productivity of current faculty and attracts new faculty.

Objective 1. Increase research productivity of faculty in CHHS as evidenced by the number of publications in peer-reviewed journals and the number of national and international presentations

Strategy 1. Increase faculty awareness and understanding of the expectations of a focused program of research and external funding.

          1. Dean will communicate CHHS research goals to faculty
          2. Publicly acknowledge faculty successes in research
          3. CHHS will sponsor an invited speaker series focusing on research

Strategy 2. Identify focus areas for the development of nationally recognized research

          1. Create a web accessible site with faculty research interests and research resources
          2. Hold faculty forums for faculty with complementary research interests to discuss collaborative opportunities
          3. Refine list of research areas and designate level of support (Table 1)

Strategy 3. Enhance infrastructure to facilitate quality research in Health and Human Services

        1. Labs and equipment
          1. Provide adequate research space
            1. Identify and remodel existing space into research laboratories
            2. Upgrade animal facility in PROF 368 to NIH standards for 2 species
          2. Equip labs with state of the art equipment
            1. Identify needed equipment
            2. Utilize internal sources of support: CHHS salary savings, Provost’s major equipment requests, faculty research grants
          3. Submit external proposals for equipment and laboratory resources
        2. Ensure that all faculty with an interest in research have 9-hour teaching load
          1. Hire additional faculty in understaffed departments
          2. Encourage differential workloads in departments with adequate faculty
          3. Faculty with 9 hr loads will be required to submit an annual research plan and report accomplishments of previous year
        3. Provide research support staff in key areas
          1. Graduate assistants
          2. Research specialists
          3. Research technicians
        4. Increase library holdings and databases that facilitate research
          1. Public Health
          2. Nursing
          3. Nutrition
          4. Others
        5. Purchase licenses for specialized software
          1. Statistics (PSY)
          2. Nursing

Strategy 4. Enhance faculty research and publication expertise

        1. Hire new faculty with research credentials and experience
        2. Provide mentoring in research for faculty
        3. Provide CHHS Summer Research Stipends
          1. New hires – 1st summer with acceptable plan
          2. Competitive awards for other tenure track faculty
        4. Support year-long sabbaticals
        5. Organize writing teams to promote journal submissions and provide mentoring
        6. Consultant involvement to provide

Strategy 5. Expand partnerships with other entities to foster collaborative research

        1. JVIC for biomedical sciences
        2. St. John’s and Cox Health for clinical research
        3. Burrell for mental health
        4. Other state, national or international partnerships

Goal 2. Obtain external funding to support faculty research and service activities, including NIH and other national grants.

Objective 2: Faculty will increase the number of proposals submitted to external funding agencies, the number of funded proposals and the amount of external funding.

Strategy 1. Provide funding for small pilot projects

Strategy 2. Provide proposal preparation support

        1. Develop templates with key information for health grants and make available on CHHS web site
        2. Hire grants specialist or consultant to assist with planning/writing/editing CHHS proposals
        3. Support for attendance at grant writing workshops
        4. Encourage applications for Sponsored Research support to consult with program specialists in Washington
        5. Release time or stipend for statistical consultation
        6. Assistance in budget development (CHHS Budget Officer)
        7. Release time for PI to write proposal
        8. Incentives in the form of travel award for each PI and co-PI

Strategy 3. Grant management support

        1. Provide budget management support (CHHS Budget Officer)
        2. Provide workshops for PI and staff involved in grant management