CHHS Course Evaluation

Standard Questions Asked on the College of Health and Human Services Teaching Evaluation Questionnaire

  • The instructor is well informed and demonstrates knowledge of the subject
  • The instructor’s presentations are well-organized
  • The instructor communicates well, whether or not I agree with the points of view
  • The instructor shows enthusiasm and interest for the material discussed
  • The instructor is receptive to questions and/or comments about the topic being discussed
  • The instructor is available for conferences during posted office hours or by appointment
  • The instructor shows interest and concern in the quality of his/her teaching
  • The instructor makes available the policies of the course, including grading system, at the beginning of the course
  • Overall, I consider the instructor an effective teacher
  • The instructor creates an environment conducive to learning
  • Grading is fair; the instructor will discuss complaints
  • The instructor compares favorably with other instructors at this university
  • Strength vs. Weaknesses of the Instructor
  • Strengths vs. Weaknesses of the Course