Many of the classrooms within the Missouri State campus are equipped with a variety of media equipment (computers, projectors, TVs, VCRs, etc.). Check your assigned classroom before the beginning of the semester to determine if the equipment you will need is available. Also many departments have portable media technology which can be taken to your classroom. If you have additional needs, you can contact Educational Technology Center.

Educational Technology Center

ETC provides campus-wide support and consultation to assist in identifying, creating and utilizing media technology that appropriately meets your instructional and/or research needs. Services available through ETC include: graphic design support and production and media and multimedia production involving recording, editing, and duplication. ETC can also provide project planning, design and development assistance in the areas of instructional design as well as media utilization and methodology. Additionally, ETC provides campus-wide classroom support and resources related to media technology in the classroom. Resources available from ETC include a broad selection of audio-visual equipment ranging from overhead projectors and tape recorders to data/video projectors and digital video cameras. ETC is dedicated to providing the highest standard of service and can provide assistance in the selection of and training in the use of media equipment to meet your needs. ETC also maintains a state-of-the art electronic repair facility to diagnose and repair problems with media technology. Call 836-5778 or visit the web site for more information.