Check with the Department Head or Director to find out if you will be needing keys during your time of appointment. Please note, key requests can not be processed until Human Resources has successfully processed your paperwork and you are active in the University System. Once you are in the system, a key request can be placed. Key requests are submitted through an electronic key request form, which must be approved by the Department Head/Director and Dean/Vice President. Please allow 5 working days for normal processing and 10 working days for processing at the beginning of each semester.

Once your key is ready, Key Control will call you or your department Administrative Assistant. You will have to go to Key Control, located at 945 E. Grand/112 Central Stores and Maintenance, to sign for and receive your key. Hours of operation are 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Of note, you will be responsible for turning in all keys and any other property along with a Property Clearance form if you leave the University. If these are not received, your final paycheck will be held.