Safety and Security

Severe Weather

Severe weather can occur at anytime, although it is most common in the spring and summer months. Missouri State University Severe Weather Warning System utilizes exterior sirens on campus. If the sirens sound, please seek shelter in the interior of a building immediately. Additional information can be found at Tornado Procedure.


Anyone who smells smoke or observes an immediate threat of fire should:

  1. go to the nearest fire alarm pull station
  2. activate the alarm
  3. evacuate the building
  4. go to the nearest phone and dial 911

Please review the following information Fire Procedure & Building Evacuation Areas.

Classroom Disruptions

If you have problems with a student in class (e.g. disruptive behavior, complaints about a grade, etc.) document specifics of the problem as well as interactions with the student in writing and notify your department head of the situation.


If at any time on campus you feel threatened by a student, faculty, or others, contact campus security immediately at 836-5509 or call 911. Additional steps can be found at Threats & Stalking Procedures.

Emergency Situations

In the case of an emergency you should immediately notify your supervisor, your department head or director, and the Dean's office (836-4176). In the case that you are unable to notify these individuals at the time of the emergency, such as during evening hours, please contact them as soon as possible on the next day. In addition, the Department of Safety and Transportation at Missouri State University has provided an Emergency Response Plan.

Department of Safety and Transportation