After an examination prepared by a faculty member or any written paper has been graded, the test or paper is to be made available to students so that the students can observe where they have succeeded or failed.

The final examination period is to be used either for the administration of final examinations or for such other course-terminating activities as may be appropriate. If a faculty member plans to conduct an activity other than a final examination during this period, a report is to be filed with the department head indicating what the activity will be and where and when it will take place. Only in the most extraordinary circumstances may the faculty member request permission to be absent from the final exam period. Such a request is to be directed to the appropriate college dean with the endorsement of the department head. The dean’s permission is to be secured at least one week in advance except in the case of sickness or emergency.

* Paraphrased from the Faculty Handbook, section 2.3.1