Course Policy Statements

Each student should receive a syllabus during the first week of class. The departmental office is required to keep a syllabus for each course on file. Please submit a copy of your syllabus to your departmental office. You can contact your departmental office to see examples of other course syllabi if you desire. Sample Course Syllabi (to be added)

The syllabus should contain the following course policy information:

  • Purpose: A statement of the general content of the course.
  • Absentee Policy: Your polices regarding attendance, late arrival, early departure. You must be consistent with University policy, which does not allow you to lower a student’s grade solely on the basis of attendance.
  • Plagiarism and Cheating Policy: A statement describing your policies about plagiarism and cheating, including what the consequences are to the student. A typical statement might give some examples of academic misconduct.
  • Textbooks: A list of textbooks and other sources (e.g., journal articles) to be used for the course, whether these are recommended or required, and whether they are on reserve in the library.
  • Test Dates: Specific test dates if possible; if test dates are unknown, then give approximations, and indicate when you will make announcements about the specific dates.
  • Examinations: A general idea of the material to be covered on each exam. (e.g., “Test 2 will cover Chapters 5 through 10”)
  • Grading Scale: A statement as to the grading policy to be used in the course. (e.g., “90% to 100%=A;” or 450 to 500 points= A”)
  • Term Papers: (if applicable) A statement of dates that term papers are due and general criteria used to determine how they will be graded.
  • Final Exam: A statement as to whether the final will be comprehensive or not, and a general idea of the subject matter to be covered. Final exam times are scheduled by the University. Your final exam time is listed at the top of your class roster and can also be located on the Missouri State Records and Registration web site for Final Exam Schedules.
  • Makeups: A statement of how or if makeups will be allowed for exams, papers, etc.
  • Nondiscrimination Policy: A statement consistent with University policy. Example of Nondiscrimination Policy
  • Policy on Disability Accommodation: A statement consistent with University policy. Suggested Disability Statement

* Paraphrased from the Faculty Handbook, section 2.3.1