University Facts

  • Missouri State is the state's second largest university.
  • Missouri State is a major university with more than 20,000 students from Missouri, nearly every other state and 85 other countries.
  • Our students experience college life at its best, with NCAA Division I athletics and more than 300 student organizations.
  • Missouri State’s statewide mission in public affairs earned national recognition through the John Templeton Foundation’s Guide to Colleges that Encourage Character Development.
  • Missouri State offers more than 150 undergraduate majors and 48 graduate programs—many are the state’s strongest and largest of their kind.
  • Nearly 90 percent of our 700 full-time faculty members have a doctorate or the highest degree in their field.
  • The main campus of Missouri State University, founded in 1905, is one of the 13 four-year, public supported institutions of higher education in Missouri.
    In addition to the main campus at Springfield, there is a two-year branch campus in West Plains and a research campus in Mountain Grove.
  • The University was given a regional mission by legislative act in 1919. That mission was expanded to a statewide mission in 1995. The name of the University’s governing board was also changed to the Board of Governors, and its composition reflects the change in mission.

The public affairs mission includes three pillars:

  1. Ethical leadership goal: Students will articulate their value systems, act ethically within the context of a democratic society, and demonstrate engaged and principled leadership.
  2. Cultural competence goal: Students will recognize and respect multiple perspectives and cultures.
  3. Community engagement goal: Students will recognize the importance of contributing their knowledge and experiences to their own community and the broader society and the importance of scientific principles in the generation of sound public policy.