Getting Started

There are a few initial steps necessary for getting started in the semester.

Before the course begins, you should:

  • Schedule a meeting with the Department Head
  • Complete the proper forms for Payroll
  • Obtain a BearPass card, your campus ID
  • Set up a Missouri State Computer Account to access the services offered through Missouri State Computer Services
  • Obtain Keys if necessary (check with your Department Head to find out if you need keys issued)
  • Obtain the appropriate Parking Permit
  • Order Textbooks if necessary, and obtain a copy for your use
  • Insure that an appropriate room is scheduled for your class (check with the Department Head or Department Secretary)
  • Insure that any Audio/Visual equipment you need is available in the assigned room
  • Check with your department secretary regarding procedures for making copies and for information regarding faculty meetings
  • Double check the day, time, and place scheduled for your course and locate the scheduled room.

On the first day of class, you should:

  • Obtain a class roster and take it to class.
  • Check attendance, specifically noting those students on the roster who are not present, in order to drop students if necessary.
  • Bring a course outline and policy statement (syllabus) for each student.
  • During the first class, review the course syllabus and answer questions from the students regarding course specifics.
  • In this manual you will find some suggestions for activities to use for getting to know your students. You may wish to include one or more of these activities in your first class.