Principles and Purpose for Course Review

In 2013–2014, CGEIP reviewed, discussed, and developed an annual report and four-year periodic review processes. This assessment plan was later voted on and adopted by Faculty Senate in March 2015.

The Assessment Plan was revised and voted on and the revised General Education Assessment Plan was adopted by Faculty Senate in February 2018. Below are principles and purpose for the review of courses in General Education at Missouri State University.

Courses in the General Education Program may be exempt from course review if prerequisite/co-requisite is a general education course in that same area of study. Exempt courses have all been approved by CGEIP and Faculty Senate.

Principles for Course Review

  1. General education assessment should be meaningful and useful to those teaching the course.
  2. General education assessment should be ongoing and cyclical.
  3. General education assessment is collaborative and should not fall on the shoulders of one faculty member or department head but should promote conversations about student learning.
  4. General education courses submitted an assessment plan with the course proposal. The council understands that assessment plans may need to be modified and streamlined to promote the use and efficacy of the process.
  5. Assessment of student learning is broadly defined to include both qualitative and quantitative, and both direct and indirect measures of student learning.

Purpose of Course Review

  1. Assess the course on the basis of Specific Learning Outcomes
  2. Find out if students are providing evidence that they have met our approved Specific Learning Outcomes
  3. Provide useful and meaningful information for the instructors of a general education course
  4. Offer evidence that student learning has been looked at in a thoughtful way
  5. Share successes of student learning, areas for improvement, and document the process of assessment changes