Review Process FAQs

1.  What do I need to do prior to my periodic review date?

Course coordinators should carry on the assessment plan as it was proposed or amended. This includes the assessment/course review as defined in the course proposal. This may include modifications of the original course assessment plan. The course coordinators and department head will be reminded in January that the yearly review material needs to be uploaded to the CGEIP website.

2.  When should I begin the assessment process?

Assessment is an ongoing process. The assessment plan submitted with the proposal specified when and how information relative to the assessment plan will be shared. That plan should be followed as soon as the course is offered.

3.  What will the new form look like?

You will complete an online report similar to the general education proposal form. Each course will report on Specific Learning Outcomes and discuss changes you’ve made to the course and changes you’ve made to the assessment.

4.  Who do I ask for help?

There are two college representatives on CGEIP. Talk to your college rep for more information and with questions.

5.  Do I have to assess all Specific Learning Outcomes each semester? Each year?

At the point of the periodic review, all of the course’s learning outcomes should have been assessed and analyzed. This does not mean that each outcome needs to be reviewed each year. The assessment of learning outcomes does not require collecting data every semester. You might, for example, collect data in the Fall of a given year for discussion and analysis during the Spring.

6.  What’s the role of a general education course coordinator?

General education course coordinators should not do all of the assessment work. Each course has committed to sharing regularly as identified in the course proposal. It’s the role of the coordinator to help the instructors get together on a consistent basis. The coordinator organizes the review process and communicates with the instructors from all of the sections the results of the analysis of course assessments. General Education course coordinators will submit on behalf of the course a short report annually. These short reports will lead toward cumulative data and a report at the end of three years.

7.  How is this process different than the old process? Are we starting all over? I just got used to the old process. Is this completely different?

Unlike the old general education that was paper-based, this is automated. Banner will automatically populate enrollment data. You will no longer have to collect it.

The goals and Specific Learning Outcomes are different. The logic is the same.

The course review cycle is every four years. The committee will ask for an annual report.

8.  Can I change my Specific Learning Outcomes?

No, you would need to go through the review process again to add or delete Specific Learning Outcomes. You CAN modify assessment tools or evidence that you will collect to assess Specific Learning Outcomes.

9.  The text box only allows us to write 250 words. It doesn’t seem like enough.

There will be separate text boxes for each Specific Learning Outcome.

10. Our program has a new general education course coordinator who was not here during the proposal process, can she make changes?

CGEIP and college reps can work with you to help. You can change evidence and tools, but you cannot change Specific Learning Outcomes without going through the review process.

11. If there are concerns identified during the review process, what happens?

The course will be put on a probationary status for one year and will resubmit their materials in the following year for a new review.

12. Will the courses that participate in the pilot program be allowed to skip their first review year?

Courses that participate in the pilot program will be reviewed during their regularly scheduled academic year.

13. Will specific criteria be developed which will be utilized during the review process and be shared prior to the beginning of the review process?

The pilot course process will include the development of specific criteria which will allow CGEIP to refine the criteria that will be utilized during the review process. The course coordinators of the courses in the pilot program and CGEIP committee members will work together to develop a set of criteria for the review process. These criteria then will be disseminated to the course coordinators and department head.