Renewing/Extending a Current Teaching Certificate

Please begin by visiting the Missouri Deparment of Education.

  1. Click “Web Applications Login(big green button in the middle of the screen). You may have to use the arrow buttons to scroll to this button.
  2. Enter your User Name and Password and click "login"
  3. Under the Heading "Office of Educator Quality", click on "Educator Certification System".
  4. New Applications (Click the “black triangle”to the left of #3 if the list is not expanded):
    1. Click "Extension Cert"
    2. Fill out the Professional Conduct information
    3. Purpose of Application:
      1. Check the area of certification you wish to reactivate
    4. Read the Sworn Statement
    5. Release of Educational Information: Check “I Accept”.
    6. Indicate the school district where you are currently employed. Your application will be routed to that district for completion and they will then submit it to DESE.
    7. Click the "submit" button
    8. You have finished your application and may now log out of the system.

You should contact that district and let them know you have submitted an application to their work log. They will then verify your employment and forward your application to DESE. From there, it will take 4-6 weeks for DESE to reactivate your certificate.