Registration Information

The staff in the Teacher Certification Office will be happy to register you in person for your first semester of courses at Missouri State. However, since there are currently almost 1,000 students seeking certification at the post bac or masters level, we do not have the ability to register students past their first semester. Therefore, we ask that all of our students register for their classes one of the following ways:

Register on Campus

If you are on campus at Missouri State, you can go to the Continuing Education Office on 4th floor Carrington Hall or to the Registration Center on 3rd Floor Carrington to register.

Register via Fax

Students who live outside the Springfield Area or who are not able to come to campus during the day may register for classes via fax through the Continuing Education Office. Simply download the Course Enrollment Form, fill it out and fax it to the number on the form. The Continuing Education Office will register you and mail you receipts for your classes.

Register via the Web

Approximately 80% of our students now register for their classes online. Online registration allows you to request permission for courses (when required) and register for your classes from anywhere in the world with internet access. In order to register for classes online, you need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Establish a PIN Number: Go to "My Information" on the Missouri State website. On this website, you need to start by going to the PIN menu, filling out all of the boxes and hitting submit. Your email address can be any address you are currently using, but the information in boxes with an * needs to match exactly the information Missouri State has on file for you. This will get you a PIN number so you can use the "My Information" system. If the information you entered does not exactly match the information already on file at Missouri State, it will take 24 hours for someone to review what you entered and determine if you should be issued a PIN. You will be contacted at the email address you provided regarding whether or not your request has been approved. If you have problems with establishing a PIN number, please contact the Records Office at 417-836-4306.
  2. Look Up Your Classes on the Web: Next, you need to look up the classes you want to take both in the summer and fall semesters. If you already know the courses you need, you can go right to the class schedule pages. If you need advice regarding the correct courses to take, please contact Dr. Chris Craig at 417-836-8775. Once you have identified the classes you need, go to the class schedule pages and find those courses. Here is a link to the class schedule pages: You can use the "Trial Schedule Tool" to build a sample schedule online, or just look up the courses and write them down. Make sure to write down the complete course information, including section numbers.
  3. Request Permission to Register (If needed): If the class you need to register for has a link next to it on the class schedule pages that says "request permission" you will need to get permission before registering for that course. To do so, click on the "request permission" link next to the class you need. If there is no "request permission" link, then you don't need permission for that course. The system will ask you to login using your SS# and new PIN number. It will then fill in the course information and allow you to write comments. You are encouraged to write comments regarding why you are registering for that particular course. Those comments help the person approving your request determine if you are eligible. This process will take an average of 48 hours, and requests are only processed Monday – Friday.

    If only one of your courses requires permission, you can skip to #5 below and register for the rest of your courses. You will then need to follow up on those courses requiring permission and register for them at a later time.
  4. Check your Permissions (If needed): After 48 hours, go back to "My Information" on the web and click on the "Permissions" link. This is where you can check the status of your permission requests. If the request show "granted", you are now ready to register!
  5. Register for Classes: Go back to "My Information", and click on Register for Classes. Simply follow the instructions to register for your classes. Remember, you will need to have the list of classes, including section numbers.
  6. Getting Started in your Classes: If you registered for any online courses, you will receive a CD in the mail explaining how to get started in these courses. You may also visit the Missouri State Online website the for more information on completing online courses.