Praxis II Information

The Praxis II requirement in Missouri will be changed to new "content assessments" effective September 1, 2014. Students currently in a certification program can take the Praxis II exam until September 1, 2014 and if a passing score is earned can use that score for certification until December 31, 2016. Students who have not passed the Praxis II exam by September 1, 2014 or who will graduate after December 31, 2016 will be required to pass the new content assessments. More information on the new content assessments can be found on our MEGA Assessment website.

What is it?

The Praxis II exam is the state-approved exit assessment for all Teacher Education programs in Missouri. Each area of certification has its own Praxis II exam. For more information on the state rule requiring the Praxis II and a list of test codes by subject area, click here (link currently disabled until DESE updates their administrative rule with the CURRENT Praxis II numbers.) If you visit the Praxis website, you will see that there is a Praxis I, Praxis II and Praxis III. You only need to take the Praxis II. Missouri does not require either of the other two tests.

What test should I take?

  • The correct test code for your content area should be on your Individualized Program of Study under the Professional Education section. You may also check the DESE website for the list of codes by clicking here.
  • Those pursuing Middle School certification may choose the test from one of the two content areas you are required to complete. You are not required to take the test in both areas.

When should I take the test?

  • It may take more than one attempt to pass the Praxis II, so don't wait until the last minute and risk delaying your student teaching!
  • You can find information on test dates and times by visiting this Praxis II website:

Registration for the test

  • Beginning Fall 2009, you can only register online at From there, under the quick links you will click on "register for a test". Follow the instructions on the website to establish an account and register for the appropriate Praxis II exam.

Study Guides

  • Study guides for all areas of certification can be checked out at reserve Desk at Meyer Library. These study guides cannot leave the library.
  • The ETS website has short Tests at a Glance that can be taken online
  • The ETS website also offers study guides that you can purchase for many areas of the Praxis II.
  • If you can't find a study guide for your area, please see an education advisor in your content area department for suggestions.

Adding Certification through Praxis II Exam

Once you are certified to teach in any area, you can add certificates through passing the Praxis II exam in an additional area. Click here for a list of the certifications that can be added through Praxis II exam.  Note: Students adding middle school to Secondary Education will take the Principles of Learning and Teaching Praxis - # 0623 (paper-based) or #5623 (computer-based), not the middle school content area Praxis II. See note on the DESE website listed above. Once you have passed the Praxis II exam, you will need to apply for that additional certificate through DESE. Even though they will receive your score, they will not act on it unless you apply for the certificate. To apply for the additional certificate through Praxis exam, please go to our Applying for your Certificate website and click on "added teaching certificate".

PLEASE NOTE: Only tests with an * on the DESE website can be added through Praxis II exam

These added certificates through Praxis II exam may not be transferable to other states since you did not earn them through coursework. If you plan to move to another state to teach and want to transfer all of your added certificates, you should contact that state to see if they accept certification through Praxis II exam before registering for an additional exam.