Middle School Education

Students who are interested in working as a teacher in a public or accredited private school in grades 5-9 should consider Middle School Certification. Middle School teachers must choose a content area to teach, and can choose from one or more of the following 4 areas for their initial teaching certificate:

  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • General Science

Middle School certification students may also add any of the following areas of Middle School certification by completing a minimum of 21 credit hours of coursework in the appropriate content area: Agriculture, Business Education or Speech/Theatre. Students with a bachelor's degree in a field closely related to an area of Middle School Education who wish to teach in a middle school setting would choose this program.

Because Middle School certification requires a combination of Secondary Education and Elementary Education coursework, there are typically more courses required to earn initial certification in Middle School than to earn initial certification in the same area of Secondary Education and then add Middle School. Therefore, students are encouraged to compare both Middle School and Secondary Education programs before making a final decision. For those with a related degree, it is typically faster to complete both Secondary and Middle School certification than to pursue just the Middle School program at Missouri State.

Postbaccalaureate Teacher Certification

The postbaccalaureate teacher certification program at Missouri State University allow candidates with a 2.50 minimum GPA and a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university to pursue certification at the undergraduate, nondegree-seeking level. This program offers a flexible schedule, and most courses are offered both during the day and in the evening. Please click here to review the Postbaccalaureate Teacher Certification admission criteria.

Students can work at their own pace, attending classes part time or full time. Postbaccalaureate students complete the same courses as our undergraduate BSED majors, but the certification program may be streamlined to allow postbaccalaureate students to complete the program in the shortest time possible. The average amount of time to complete a postbaccalaureate certification program if the student attends full time is 1 1/2 years.

What courses will I need to take?

For a list of courses required for certification in Middle School Edcuation at the Postbaccalaureate level, you can view the appropriate Academic Program Guide for the area of certification you wish to pursue .

How do you apply for the Postbaccalaureate program?

Getting started couldn't be easier! Just go to our Application Process website and follow the detailed instructions on that page.