Certification Costs and Fees

Students pursuing teacher certification through Missouri State University should be prepared to incur a variety of fees and expenses associated with their program. Not all fees apply to all students, and you should contact the Teacher Certification Office for a list of fees that apply to your program.

For information on the cost of tuition and related student fees at Missouri State University, please visit the cost and fees website.

Process or Fee RequiredCost
Transcript Analysis Fee $25.00 for the first Analysis
$15.00 for each Additional Analysis
Graduate College Application $35.00
Liability Insurance $5.00 - $20.00
FBI Background Check $40.30
Missouri Educator Profile (MEP) $22.00
Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment (MoPTA) $275.00
Missouri Content Assessments $77 - 189.00 see MoCA Website
Family Care Registry $14.25
TB Skin Test $27.00 (at Taylor Health Center)
Student Teaching Fee $350.00
Out of Area Student teaching Fee $450.00

Name Badge (required for Practicum
and Student Teaching)

$5.00 for Name Badge
$3.50 for Lanyard (optional)