How to Apply

Complete the online postbaccalaurate teacher certification application

Application for Postbaccalaureate Admission

This application admits you to Missouri State University as a teacher certification student and allows us to analyze your transcripts for certification. No other application to Missouri State University is necessary to begin the process. If you decide to pursue certification through one of our masters degree programs, you will also complete the application process listed for that program. 

Request an official transcript from EVERY college and university where you have earned college credit. We require an official transcript from every college and/or university you have attended in the past, even if those courses were transferred to another university. The only exception is any credits you have earned at Missouri State University-Springfield or Missouri State University-West Plains. Please have your transcripts sent directly to our office from your prior universities so they will be official. For your convenience, you can use our Transcript Request Form if you need something to mail or fax to request your transcript. Our address is:

Missouri State University
Teacher Certification Office
901 S. National
Springfield, MO 65897

For electronic transcripts, our email is

If you have had transcripts sent to Missouri State University since 1-1-2011, we may have them on file. Please contact the Teacher Certification Office at 417-836-8772 and we will be glad to check for you.

Foreign Transcripts

If your transcripts are from a country outside the U.S., those transcripts must be evaluated by a Foreign Credentialing Agency before we can accept them. Once the transcripts have been evaluated, you will need to submit BOTH a copy of the official transcript and a copy of the report from the Credentialing Agency. You are only allowed to use a Credentialing Agency approved by the State of Missouri. For a list of approved Credentialing Agencies, click here.

For Elementary Math Specialist Program Applicants only

Please provide a letter from your school district verifying the grade level, content area and number of years of teaching experience you have accumulated.

What Happens Next

Once the Teacher Certification Office receives your application and all official transcripts, an analysis of your prior coursework will be done and an "Individualized Program of Study" (IPS) will be created. This document will tell you what courses are required for certification in the area you have chosen, the courses you have received credit for with prior coursework, and the courses you have remaining to become certified. Completing the IPS typically takes 4-6 weeks from the date your application is complete.

As soon as the IPS has been completed, you will be contacted to schedule an advising appointment. At that time, all coursework required and a sequencing of coursework by semester will be reviewed.