Add Additional Teaching Certificates

Listed below are the available options for adding additional teaching certificates once you have obtained your first Initial Professional Certificate (IPC).

Students Currently Pursuing a Certification Program

You can pursue more than one area of certification at a time through coursework at Missouri State.  Remember that different areas in Secondary Education may share the same general education and professional education courses, but will have entirely different content area coursework. On the other hand, the professional education courses for Elementary and Secondary Education are very different.

You will be required to pass the Missouri Content Assessment (MoCA) in each area of certification you are pursuing through coursework. Effective September 1, 2014 DESE will not issue a certificate through coursework unless you also complete the corresponding MoCA.

Adding Certification through Missouri Content Assessment (MoCA)

Once you have obtained your initial teaching certificate in any area, you can add certificates by passing the Missouri Content Assessment (MCA) in an additional area. Note: students adding middle school to a related area of Secondary Education will take the Professional Knowledge: Middle School (#062) exam, not the middle school content area exam.

Please note: Not all areas of certification can be added through MCA exam.

For a list of all areas you are allowed to add through the Missouri Content Assessment, please visit the DESE website.

The following areas CANNOT be added through MoCA exam:

  • Student Services Certificates in Counseling, School Psychologist, Psychological Examiner or Education Administration
  • Special Reading Certification
  • Gifted Certification
  • Blind and Partially Sighted Certification
  • Deaf and Hearing Impaired and Speech/Language Pathologist Certification
  • Elementary Math Specialist Certification
  • Severely Developmentally Disabled Certification
  • Middle School Agriculture, Business, Industrial Technology, Speech/Theatre (unless you hold the corresponding 9-12 certificate)
  • Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Russian
  • Journalism

Added certificates through MoCA exam may not be transferable to other states since you did not earn them through coursework. If you plan to move to another state to teach and want to transfer all of your added certificates, you should contact that state for additional information.

When you take a MoCA exam for an additional area of certification, that score is automatically sent to DESE. However, they will NOT act on a passing score unless you formally request that they add an additional area. To request an additional area of certification once you have passed the MoCA exam in that area, please go to our Applying for your Certificate website and click on the link for "added teaching certificate".

To register for the MoCA exam, or to find a test at a glance or study guide for the test you would like to take, go to the Content Assessment webpage.

Currently Certified Teachers Adding Certification Through Coursework

If you are currently teaching and get offered a job teaching in a different area, you will need to have a certificate in that area. You must pass the MoCA for that certification area, or if you plan to move to another state, you will be required to earn the additional certificate through coursework as well as pass the MoCA. To earn the additional certificate through coursework, contact DESE and ask them to perform a DESE analysis for the area you wish to add. For instructions on completing this request, visit our applying for your certificate website and click on "Added Teaching Certificate".

Warning: This analysis could take up to 10 weeks to complete. Once completed, DESE will mail you the analysis. This document will list the competencies you are missing for certification in that area, not specific courses. You then need to provide the DESE analysis to the Teacher Certification office. The Education Advisement Center can then identify courses at Missouri State that will fulfill the missing competencies.