Renew, Reactivate or Upgrade Your Certificate

Upgrading your Certificate from an IPC to a CCPC

If you have accumulated 4 years of teaching experience, you may be eligible to UPGRADE your certificate from an IPC to a CCPC if you have met the following criteria:

  • Have accumulated 4 years of state-approved teaching experience (at least half-time) in an accredited public or private school setting.
  • Developed and implemented a professional development plan of at least 30 contact hours, approved by the employing school district
  • Participated in a mentoring program for a minimum of 2 school years at your local school district
  • Have completed a Beginning Teacher Assistance Program with a college or university
  • Participated in the district's Performance-Based Teacher Evaluations (PBTEs)

To upgrade your certification to the next level, please follow the instructions on our Upgrading your Teaching Certificate website.

Reactivating an Expired Teaching Certificate

If your current certificate has expired and you don't meet the criteria above to upgrade your certification to the next level, you can "reactivate" your expired certificate if you meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • You have completed a 2-3 semester hour college course. The course may be at the undergraduate or graduate level. It should be relevant to your professional growth as an educator. It should not be a repeat of a course you have already completed. The course you choose to use for re-activation may not be over six months old at the time you submit the Reactivation Application. Official transcripts verifying completion of the course must be submitted to DESE for verification.  Once you complete the course and it is posted on a transcript, you will need to complete an the on-line Reactivation Application through your DESE profile by following the steps below. 
  • You have been hired at least half-time as a teacher by a Missouri school district. You will need to complete the on-line Reactivation Application and submit it to your school district. The application will prompt you to choose your employing Missouri school district. The district will verify your employment and submit your application to the department for approval. By submitting the application, your school district is attesting that you will complete 24 contact hours of professional development either six months prior to or after reactivation of your certificate.

For either option, if your FBI Background check is more than 12 months old you will need to complete a new background check.

  1. Begin by visiting the Missouri Department of Education.

    • Click "Educator Certification" in the center of the page.
    • From this page, click on "Educator Certification System" in the center of the page. You can also click on "Web Application" on the lower right. Both will take you to the login screen.
    • Enter your DESE User Name and Password and click "login"
    • Under the Heading "DESE Web Applications", click on "Educator Certification System".
  2. New Applications (Click the "black triangle” to the left of #3 if the list is not expanded):
    • Click “Reactivation Cert"
    • Fill out the Professional Conduct information
    • Purpose of Application: Choose the option that applies to your situation
    • Check the area of certification you wish to reactivate
    • Read the Sworn Statement
    • Release of Educational Information: Check “I Accept”.
    • If you indicated you have been hired, you will need to indicate the school district that hired you. Your application will be routed to that district for completion and they will then submit it to DESE.
    • Click the "submit" button
    • You have finished your application and may now log out of the system.

If you have indicated you have been hired by a school district, you should contact that district and let them know you have submitted an application to their work log. They will then verify your employment and forward your application to DESE. From there, it will take 4-6 weeks for DESE to reactivate your certificate.

Renewing/Extending a Current Certificate That's About to Expire

If you are currently teaching but have not met the requirements above to upgrade your certification from an IPC to a CCPC, you can request that DESE "renew or extend" your current certificate. This will extend your original IPC certificate past the original 4-year time period in order to give you more time to meet the requirements to upgrade. Renewing an IPC certificate essentially resets your 4 year time period. However, you don't need to wait 4 more years to upgrade to a CCPC if you meet the upgrade requirements earlier.

For example: You earn your certification Spring 2009. You do not teach for 2 years because you decide to pursue a graduate degree. You then start teaching in your grade level and content area. After two years of teaching, your IPC certificate is set to expire so you renew it for another 4 years. You teach 2 more years and complete all the other requirements to upgrade. At that time, you would then follow the process to upgrade to a CCPC.

To renew a current teaching certificate, you will need to complete an "extension cert" application on the DESE website.