Program Matrix - All Certification Programs

This page contains the DESE-approved program matrices, effective Fall 2017, for all certifiable programs for teachers, counselors and administrators at Missouri State University. If you would like to view a matrix for a particular Teacher Education program at Missouri State University, please click on the appropriate link below. The matrix will download as a PDF document.

DESE Compendium of Missouri Certification Requirements

If you would like to review the Compendium of Missouri Certification Requirements, they are available on the DESE website.

Missouri Teaching Standards

Current MoSPE Missouri Teaching Standards can be found on the following website:

Guidelines and Procedure - Request re-evaluation - Transfer of Credit

Guidelines and procedure for approval of a 'Request Re-evaluation of Undergraduate Transfer of Credit' can be found here.

Matrices from other Missouri Institutions are posted on the DESE website.

If you have any questions regarding your program matrix, please contact the Teacher Certification Office at 417-836-8772.

Undergraduate - Initial Certification Programs

Early Childhood (B-3)

Elementary Education (1-6)

Middle School (5-9)

Special Education - Cross Categorical (K-12)

Alternative/Innovative Certification Programs

Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) (9-12)

The MAT program also allows students to add certification in Middle School in the same content area they are pursuing in Secondary education.

Special Education - Blind and Partially Sighted (B-12)

Special Education - Alternative Certification Track (SEACT) (K-12)

Advanced Programs

These programs are offered at the graduate level, and can only be offered to students who possess a valid teaching certificate in another area (or have met specific competencies):

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (B-12)

Early Childhood Special Education (B-3)

Education Administration - Principal

Education Administration - Superintendent

Elementary Math Specialist (1-6)

Gifted Education (K-12)

School Counselor Certification

School Psychological Examiner (K-12)

Special Education Director (K-12)

Special Reading (K-12)

Additional Certificate Programs

These programs are only offered to students who have earned or are pursuing certification in another area:

Health Education: (K-12)

Driver's Education (9-12)

Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (K-12) (ESOL)

Secondary Education

Agriculture (9-12)

Art (K-12)

Biology - Categorical (9-12)

Chemistry - Categorical (9-12)

Chinese Education (K-12)

Earth Science - Categorical (9-12)

English (9-12)

Family and Consumer Sciences (K-12)

French Education (K-12)

German Education (K-12)

Latin Education (K-12)

Mathematics (9-12)

Music - Instrumental (K-12)

Music - Vocal/Choral (K-12)

Physical Education (K-12)

Physics - Categorical (9-12)

Social Science (9-12)

Spanish Education (K-12)

Speech/Theatre (9-12)

Unified Science - Biology (9-12)

Unified Science - Chemistry (9-12)

Unified Science - Earth Science (9-12)