Planning a Service Event

Steps to Help Plan a Successful Service Event

1. Choose a focus area and research how it applies to your organization or MSU

This can include social issues such as homelessness and hunger, health, disability, children, elderly, disaster relief, and many other topics.

2. Look for agencies that cater to this focus area

"Googling" the social issue you want to focus on should provide you with many great results. We also provide many great resources on our website and in the Center for Community Engagement.

3. Discuss program idea with Committee/Organizational Members/Advisor

If you are part of a student organization, make sure to discuss your idea with the rest of your members. They will give you great feedback about what they want to do.

4. Make a contact

Some agencies prefer different methods of communication than others. Usually the contact information that is easiest to find is the method they prefer to be contacted by.

5. Pick and confirm a date and time with the contact

6. Communicate confirmed plans with organization members

7. Fill out paperwork

Print out copies of the Office of Student Engagement Trip Release Form for each person in attendance. They should be turned into the OSE one week prior to the event. The agency may also require additional paperwork to be filled out.

You need Microsoft Word to view and print this document.

8. Make sign-up sheet

Sign up sheets will help determine how many you are sending. This helps will the planning aspect, especially determining drivers.

9. Google directions to site

10. Reflect on experience

After attending the event, you may want to reflect on the experience with your attendees. For more information on reflection, please visit our Reflection Resources page.