Meals-A-Million Pack-A-Thon

Pack-A-Thon Event Information

Springfield Exposition Center, 635 E. St. Louis, Springfield, MO

Friends Against Hunger is a nonprofit organization focused on feeding the hungry in the United States and worldwide. Missouri State University had students, faculty, and staff fill over 4,000 volunteer spots to help package meals!

This event has not yet been scheduled

During this weekend, Missouri State University and the community will come together to package these meals. Volunteer opportunities start every half hour. This will take place in the Springfield Expo Center. Students, faculty, and staff, families, friends, ANYONE can register to participate by following the general registration link below OR by using one of the other group links:

We thank you, your organization, group of friends, family, etc. for serving alongside fellow Bears and your community! Say posted for more opportunities to get involved!