Comments from Past Attendees

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The civil and family mediation training offered by the CDR provides an unique, interactive, and in-depth training experience. Here are a few comments from our past training attendees:

  • This was the best learning experience I have had since college. The training was well-planned and well-executed…an A+ in every category.
  • I will return to the Center for advanced and related training. Thank you for the wonderful experience.
  • The coaching was incredible – very instructive.
  • The practice mediations were great and the tips about getting stuck were so helpful.
  • It was wonderful to work with many people with multiple interests.
  • I found the training great and the energy of the speakers wonderful. The days were long with lots of information but I felt it went so well that I would do it again just to learn from everyone involved.
  • The information in the training binder was great and extensive.
  • The presenters were top notch. I was engaged throughout the training, from beginning to end. While I may never be involved in family mediation the knowledge I gained and the mediation practice I received was invaluable.
  • The training provided excellent written and verbal information. This training was excellent and I appreciate it very much. Thank you to all of you!
  • I thought that the role playing was a vital part of the training. The feedback from the coaches was an extremely important way of learning. Lots of positive ways to approach clients with neutral language, body language, etc, were given.
  • The materials and presenters and coaches were all great. The large number of role play practices was awesome and the chance to interact with coaches was great too.
  • I think that everyone did a great job! Thank you for being so dedicated to the practice of mediation. And the food was fabulous!
  • The basic information on how to conduct mediations was the most helpful to me. The coaching was great! Several different styles were presented and it allowed me to choose which to incorporate into my own style.
  • This subject was new to me, and all the information presented helped me to understand better. Coaching was beneficial because of the diverse styles of the trainers. CJ Larkin is incredibly good – both in process and depth of content!
  • I really enjoyed this training and learned a tremendous amount.
  • It was beneficial to learn from experienced mediators. It was helpful to learn about and hear the different styles of mediators who have been successful.
  • The coaching provided by different trainers was so helpful in demonstrating the different styles of mediation and how the decisions we make during mediation come from knowing who we are as mediators. Without that diversity in presenters and coaches we would be less likely to develop and trust our own instincts…
  • The coaches were so personable –friendly and open. I think I may move to Springfield!
  • I believe the overall mediation techniques taught in the first few days will be very helpful in every aspect of my life.
  • The coaching was very useful. Having the chance to see the different personalities and styles really helped me understand the process and overall goals of mediation.
  • I loved being able to talk with the coaches. We often used some of our role play time to talk - that was helpful.
  • Wonderfully organized program - the balance of information and practice with different coaches was perfect.