Juvenile Court Programs

The CDR has a history of partnering with the Greene County Juvenile Court to provide services to at-risk youth and juvenile offenders. This partnership began in 2005 with discussions about the development of a victim-offender mediation program and continues today. Learn more about the programs offered by the CDR in partnership with the Juvenile Office.

Juvenile Victim-Offender Dialogue Program

This program brings together youthful offenders and those impacted by their crimes to discuss what happened and make a plan together to repair the harm caused. Through the program youth often pay restitution and do community service as part of their efforts to repair the harm they have caused. Volunteer mediators facilitate these dialogues.

Juvenile Victim-Impact Panel Program

The Victim Impact Panel (VIP) program utilizes storytelling, dialogue, and reflection to help youthful offenders understand and internalize the impact that crime has on individual victims, their family and friends, and their community. Volunteers facilitate these dialogues, and volunteer victim-presenters meet with youth to tell their stories about how crime impacted their lives.

Networks for Girls

Networks for Girls provides services for adolescent girls in Greene County who are having behavioral issues or facing other concerns or issues (including juvenile offending, status offenses, truancy, relationship issues, and others). The program provides family group conferencing and the Circles for Girls program to help address the girls' offenses and provide support and education to reduce the likelihood they will reoffend.

Circles for Girls

The Greene County Juvenile Office refers girls who are facing behavioral issues or other challenges to the CDR's Circles for Girls program. Circles for Girls offer a fun, thoughtful, creative, and respectful experience for young women that challenges them to make positive changes for the future.