Child Welfare and Family Court Programs

The CDR has a history of working with at-risk youth, and the organization provides services and support for families involved in the child welfare system. Select a program below for more detailed information:

Regional Partnership Grant (RPG) Program

This program provides family group conferences for families with a parent in recovery who have had their children removed from the home, or who are at risk of having their children taken into care. Families come together in a family group conference to make a plan to support the parent(s) in recovery and keep their children safe. Families also receive treatment, education, support, and other services from Alternative Opportunities, Inc.

Networks for Girls

Networks for Girls provides services for adolescent girls in Greene County who are having behavioral issues or facing other concerns or issues (including juvenile offending, status offenses, truancy, relationship issues, and others). The program provides family group conferencing and the Circles for Girls program to help address the girls' offenses and provide support and education to reduce the likelihood they will reoffend.

Circles for Girls

The CDR offers Circles for Girls for girls who are facing behavioral issues or other challenges, including youth who may be involved with the child welfare system. Circles for Girls offer a fun, thoughtful, creative, and respectful experience for young women that challenges them to make positive changes for the future.

Shared Spaces Co-Parenting Conflict Resolution Resources Program

This program provides co-parents with a communication and conflict management workshop, following by individual and joint conflict coaching sessions, in order to reduce the level of family and inter-parental conflict, children's exposure to parental conflict, and the frequency of re-litigation over residential arrangements and parenting plans.