Signature Projects

Signature projects

These signature projects are just a portion of community activities CASL is involved in. Take a look around and explore what kind of project you might want to do.

Vision Screening & Rehabilitation

In school, work and recreation, vision health matters. Through the vision screening program, take your college education and the community's eyesight further.

SGF Community Gardens

Community gardens are an environmentally-friendly, health-conscious, and self-sustaining step toward eradicating poverty and hunger in our community.

The Fairbanks Community Center

The programming hub of the massive Northwest Project (NWP), the Fairbanks is housed in a renovated public school, serving members of Grant Beach and other surrounding neighborhoods.

Robberson Community School

A community hub for numerous activities and programs designed to provide support for not only the children who attend, but for the Robberson community as a whole.

Lift Up - Springfield Dental

Work with Lift-up Springfield by providing care and dental services to those in need (low-income; little access to healthcare).

Lift Up - Ozark Valley Medical

Work with Lift-up Springfield by providing care and medical services to those in need (low-income; little access to healthcare).

Women's Medical Respite

Work in a variety of ways to assist homeless women, with medical care, who are residing in a temporary respite setting.

OTC's Adult Literacy

Service-learning students who opt to work with OTC's Adult Education and Literacy program work with community members to improve their skills in reading, writing and math.

Nixa Courts Alt. Sentencing

Work as a Case Manager with low-level offenders. This program works to provide offenders with necessary resources and alternatives to prevent serving jail time.

Safe & Sanitary Homes

Work to address the issues of hoarding and living in squalor in our community. These issues often prevent emergency responders from rescuing people and saving lives.

Victory Mission

Help further Victory Mission's cause and gain valuable skills in food rescue/distribution projects and social work efforts.

Walkable Springfield

Work with the City of Springfield, the Springfield Greene County Health Department, and various Neighborhood Associations to improve the accessibility of Springfield neighborhoods.

Immersion Trips - Local and National

These experiences allow students to learn more about a community, immerse themselves in the culture and social issues that a community faces, and grow as a volunteer into an Active Citizen.

Bear P.O.W.E.R Program

Be a Bear Blazer. Bear Blazers will create a circle of support for the Bear POWER students with up to five volunteers working with each individual Bear POWER student in areas of academic, social and health/wellness.