The Fairbanks

The Fairbanks building: Citizenship and Stronger Communities

Did you know?

  • 25.6% of Springfield, Mo residents struggle with poverty (one of the highest rates in the nation)
  • 57 community service groups have partnered together in NWP activities
  • 600+ community members have volunteered
  • 1577 hours have been invested by Missouri State students

The programming hub of the massive Northwest Project (NWP), the Fairbanks is housed in a renovated public school, serving members of Grant Beach and other surrounding neighborhoods. These neighborhoods have been designated as impoverished communities with a suffocating 25.6% poverty rate. Missouri State University, in collaboration with Drury University and the Drew Lewis Foundation, offer support and services to the NWP and The Fairbanks. As such, CASL has made the Fairbanks a priority placement for service-learning students.

Build a brighter future for families.

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