Getting Started

Getting Started with Service-Learning:

The first decision a faculty member must make after deciding to implement the pedagogy of service-learning in the classroom is: What form of service-learning will I choose?

1) The service-learning designate course with a component option: in this classroom, students have the option of enrolling in a separate, but attached, one-credit course. The student who chooses the service-learning component course is required to complete 40 hours of service-learning time with or for a community partner. S/he must also complete a reflection requirement assigned by you, the instructor. The reflection piece may be a semester-long journal, final paper, or oral presentation to the class. You decide the most effective method for evaluating student learning using a reflection requirement.

2) The integrated service-learning course: with this course, every student in the classroom has a minimum service-learning time requirement of 15 hours with or for a community partner. As the instructor, you choose if your class will work together as a team, in groups, or as individuals. You also choose one or more community partner sites where your students will serve and learn.

With both options, CASL staff provides administrative support to you. Staff members assist in student placement, community partner communication, verification of student service-learning time, and community partner evaluation of students. Please let a CASL staff member know how we can best help you.