Citizenship and Service-Learning

Faculty Fellow Recipients

The Service-Learning Faculty Fellowship Program was established in order to more intentionally and thoughtfully integrate service-learning into the campus academic environment. Listed below are the service-learning Faculty Fellows who have successfully completed all program requirements. The Program no longer nominates individuals.


2011 Faculty Fellows

  2011 Faculty Fellows Med

(Top) David Johnson, (Left to right bottom) Alana Mantie-Kozlowski and Sockju Kwon.

2010 Faculty Fellows

2010 Faculty Fellows Medium

(Top to bottom) Tricia McTague, Melinda Novik, and Karen Engler


2009 Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows 2009

 Brian Calfano,Denise Cunningham, Dr. Telory Davies,Julia Watts Belser,  Linda Barboa,  and Bhaskar Datta