November 29, 2017

NOVEMBER 29, 2017 9:00 A.M.

Present - Mr. Gregory Spears, Committee Chair (by conference call)
Ms. Virginia Fry, Committee Member    
Mr. Kendall Seal, Committee Member (by conference call)
Also Present - Mr. Clifton Smart III, President
Dr. Drew Bennett, Chancellor (by conference call)
Ms. Donna Christian, Director of Internal Audit and Compliance
Ms. Amelia Counts, Governor (by conference call)
Ms. Jen Cox, Assistant to the Vice President, Administrative Services
Mr. Tyree Davis, IV, Governor
Mr. Ryan DeBoef, Chief of Staff and Assistant to the President for Governmental Relations 
Ms. Rachael Dockery, General Counsel
Dr. Frank Einhellig, Provost
Ms. Tammy Few, Director of Human Resources
Mr. Steve Foucart, Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Craig Frazier, Governor  
Mr. David Hall, Manager, Emergency Preparedness, Safety and Transportation
Mr. Tom Johnson, Director of Safety and Transportation
Mr. Grant Jones, Business Manager, Bookstore
Mr. Brad Kielhofner, Director, Facilities Management
Mr. Michael Klem, Coordinator Facilities Maintenance and Supply, College of Agriculture
Ms. Beverly Miller, Governor (by conference call)
Mr. Matt Morris, Vice President for Administrative Services
Dr. Dave Muegge, Director of Health and Wellness Services
Mr. Ray Presnell, Director, Bookstore
Ms. Suzanne Shaw, Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Dr. Dee Siscoe, Vice President for Student Affairs
Ms. Carrie Tergin, Governor (by conference call)
Ms. Lynette Walker, Financial Coordinator, Taylor Health Center
Ms. Kristan Gochenauer, Secretary to the Board         
1.    Roll Call – Mr. Gregory Spears, Committee Chair, called the Risk Management and Audit Committee meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, in room 203 of Carrington Hall on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

2.    Approval of Minutes – Mr. Spears mentioned that the first item of business was the approval of minutes from the September 18, 2017 meeting.  Mr. Kendall Seal made a motion, seconded by Ms. Virginia Fry.

Motion passed unanimously. 

3.    Committee Tabletop Exercise – Mr. David Hall, Manager for Emergency Preparedness, presented an Expressive Activities/Civil Disobedience exercise for committee members, as part of the recent risk assessment in relation to safety and emergency preparedness. The chosen scenario, a request for a speaker to come to campus, was discussed in detail along with the appropriate University responses.  Ms. Suzanne Shaw, Vice President for Marketing and Communications, then discussed the role that communications would play in this type of scenario.  She noted that the key to being aware of possible issues is continuous tracking of social media. Mr. Spears recommended that a group text for Board members be created for use in major emergencies.     
4.    Closed Meeting – It was determined that the Board of Governors needed to meet in a closed session to consider items of business provided in the Revised Statutes of Missouri.  Mr. Spears asked if a resolution authorizing a closed meeting of the Board was prepared.  Thereupon, the following resolution was presented for consideration:

BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Governors for Missouri State University that a closed meeting, with closed records and closed vote, be held during a recess of the November 29, 2017 Risk Management and Audit Committee meeting of the Board of Governors to consider items of business pursuant to:

A.        R.S.Mo. 310.021(3). “Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of particular     employees by a public governmental body…”

B.        R.S.Mo. 610.021(13).  “Individually identifiable personnel records, performance     ratings or records pertaining to employees or applicants for employment,...” 

C.    R.S.Mo. 610.021(17).  “Confidential or privileged communications between a
public governmental body and its auditor,....”

Ms. Fry moved the approval of the resolution and Mr. Seal seconded the motion.

A roll call vote on the motion was as follows:  those voting in favor – Governors Fry, Seal and Spears; those voting against – none.

Mr. Spears declared the resolution passed unanimously. The open meeting was recessed at 9:46 a.m. to go into closed session.

The open meeting was reconvened at 10:24 a.m.  

5.        Adjournment – Mr. Spears adjourned the meeting at 10:26 a.m., on the motion of Ms. Fry, the second of Mr. Seal, and the unanimous approval of the committee.                            
Kristan Gochenauer
Secretary to the Board