May 16, 2019

MAY 16, 2019 1:00 P.M.

1.    Roll Call
Present - Mr. Gabriel Gore, Chair
Ms. Amelia Counts, Governor
Ms. Craig Frazier, Governor
Ms. Beverly Miller Keltner, Governor 
Mr. William Miller, Student Governor
Mr. Kendall Seal, Governor
Ms. Carol Silvey, Governor
Mr. Gregory Spears, Governor
Ms. Carrie Tergin, Governor

Also Present - Clifton M. Smart III, President
Jim Baker, Vice President for Research and Economic Development & International Programs
Donna Christian, Director of Internal Audit and Risk Management
Ryan DeBoef, Chief of Staff and Assistant to the President for Governmental Relations
Rachael Dockery, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Brent Dunn, Vice President for University Advancement
Frank Einhellig, Provost
Stephen Foucart, Chief Financial Officer
Shirley Lawler, Chancellor of the West Plains Campus
Victor Matthews, Dean, College of Humanities and Public Affairs
Kyle Moats, Director of Athletics
Matt Morris, Vice President for Administrative Services
Jeff Morrissey, Chief Information Officer
Wes Pratt, Chief Diversity Officer
Suzanne Shaw, Vice President for Marketing & Communications
Dee Siscoe, Vice President for Student Affairs
Kristan Gochenauer, Secretary of the Board

2.    Presiding – The presiding officer for the meeting was Mr. Gabriel Gore, Chair of the Board of Governors.  He called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. in the Traywick Parliamentary Room in the Plaster Student Union on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.  

3.    Approval of Board of Governors’ Meeting Minutes – Mr. Gore then requested the approval of the minutes for the open and closed meetings of February 22, 2019, and April 17, 2019.  Ms. Beverly Miller Keltner so moved, receiving a second from Ms. Carrie Tergin.

Motion passed 8-0.  

4.    Consent Agenda – Mr. Gore noted that the next item of business on the agenda was the approval of the Consent Agenda for this meeting.  The items included in the Consent Agenda are:

West Plains Campus
Approval of Actions Concerning Academic Employees (West Plains Campus Personnel No. 431-19).

Approval of Actions Concerning West Plains Campus Non-Academic Employees (West Plains Campus Personnel No. 432-19).

Approval of Fiscal Year 2020 Salary and Benefits Overview for Missouri State University-West Plains Coaches (West Plains Personnel No. 433-19).

Approval of Expenditures to Implement Student Approved Capital Projects (West Plains Student Policies No. 19-19).

Approval of the New Associate of Arts in Child and Family Development Academic Program (West Plains Curriculum No. 95-19).

Approval of the New Associate of Science in Technology Academic Program (West Plains Curriculum No. 96-19).

Approval of the New Associate of Applied Science in Technology – Information Technology Option (West Plains Curriculum No. 97-19).

Approval of the Title Change for the Associate of Applied Science in Business – Computer Information Systems Option to Information Technology Option (West Plains Curriculum No. 98-19).

Approval of the Title Change for the Associate of Applied Science in General Agriculture to the Associate of Applied Science in Agriculture (West Plains Curriculum No. 99-19).

Approval of the Deletion of Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy (West Plains Curriculum No. 100-19).

Academic Affairs
Approval of New Program: Bachelor of Science in Conflict and Interpersonal Communication (Curriculum No. 390-19).
Procurement and Financial
Approval of Procurement Activity Report (Purchasing Activity Report No. 477-19).

Facilities and Equipment
Approval of Activity Report for the Months of February 2019, March 2019, and April 2019 (Activity Report No. 307-19).

Approval of Bids and Award of a Contract for the Food Court Refresh in the Plaster Student Union (Bids & Quotations No. 1573-19).

Human Resources Items
Approval of Actions Concerning Academic Employees (Human Resources No. 1610-19).

Approval of Actions Concerning Non-Academic Employees (Human Resources No. 1611-19).

Ms. Carol Silvey made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda, receiving a second from Mr. Craig Frazier.

Motion passed 8-0.

5.    Making Our Missouri Statement – 
A.    Community Stories: The Springfield-Greene County African-American Heritage Trail – Dr. Victor Matthews, Dean of the College of Humanities and Public Affairs, introduced Dr. Lyle Foster, Sociology and Anthropology, and Dr. Tim Knapp, Faculty Emeritus Sociology and Anthropology, noting their excitement in showcasing this important project.  Dr. Knapp provided a background and timeline of the initiative pointing out the importance of oral interviews with an emphasis on sharing and disseminating information.  Dr. Foster reviewed the data and information used to keep the stories alive for generations to come.  He discussed the purpose of the trail, which is for individuals to walk and remember African-American history. The first Heritage Trail marker was placed on August 2018 on the 100th anniversary of the Silver Springs Park.  Five additional markers will be placed in 2019.  

B.    Approval of Resolution to Acknowledge the 2018-19 Excellence in Public Affairs Award Recipients – Dr. Rachelle Darabi, Associate Provost for Student Development and Public Affairs, read the resolution recommending approval to acknowledge the 2018-19 Excellence in Public Affairs for Faculty and Staff Award Recipients (Awards No. 86-19).  Faculty award winners were Lyle Foster, Janice Greene and Carol Miller.  Staff award winners were Heather Blades, Sheryl Ruff-Hensley and Katie Stinnett.  Moved and seconded, respectively, by Ms. Tergin and Mr. Frazier.

Motion passed 8-0.

6.    Committee Reports:
A.    Mr. Gore highlighted the March 20, 2019, and April 17, 2019, Executive Committee meetings.  At the March meeting, approval was given for the establishment of an on-campus police substation on the West Plains campus as well as the purchase of 235 computers for open-access computer labs across campus and renovation projects in Woods and Wells Houses. At the April open meeting, an agreement to lease space in Hass-Darr Hall for a coffee shop on the West Plains was approved.  On the Springfield campus, approval was given for the purchase of food service equipment for the Plaster Student Union, a revenue contract for the University’s bank depository services as well as a contract for construction of the Ozarks Education Center at Bull Shoals Field station and preventative parking lot maintenance. The committee also moved toward putting the full tuition increase authorized by the state of Missouri on the University’s books.  

B.    Ms. Silvey provided a summary of the Programs and Planning Committee meeting.  Ms. Rachel Heinz, Director of Bear POWER, updated the committee on the Bear POWER program. Dr. Frank Einhellig, Provost, then presented on the faculty hiring process on the Springfield campus.  He shared how hiring plans are created along with the selection of committees, marketing tools, applicant pool selection and the final hiring decision.  Dr. Dennis Lancaster, Dean of Academic Affairs at West Plains, then gave an overview of the faculty hiring process on the West Plains campus.  He noted that the scale is different, but the process is very similar to the Springfield campus. 

C.    Ms. Amelia Counts then gave a report of the Finance and Facilities Committee meeting.  President Smart discussed the executive budget committee recommendations for fiscal year 2020 budgets on both the Springfield and West Plains campuses. He then highlighted the $10 million increase to Missouri State’s ongoing core appropriations from the state as well as a 1.9% tuition increase recommendation; waiving the remaining 2% increase that the state authorized.  President Smart also discussed a 1.9% cost of living recommendation for full-time employees and graduate assistant stipends and central funding for the minimum wage increase for student employees.  All recommendations were discussed in length.  The committee then discussed approval of G1.18 Contract Authorization Policy revisions. Mr. Gregory Spears made a motion to recommend approval of the G1.18 Contract Authorization Policy (Board Policies No. 121-19). Mr. Frazier seconded the motion.  

Motion passed 8-0.

7.    President’s Report – President Smart welcomed everyone to commencement weekend at Missouri State.  He stated that in the three commencement ceremonies tomorrow, we will graduate 2,941 students on the Springfield campus, including 2,285 undergraduate degrees and 656 graduate degrees; 96 of which are doctorates.  On Saturday, 274 students will graduate with associate degrees on the West Plains campus.

President Smart gave a legislative update noting that Friday, May 17, 2019, is the last day of the Missouri legislative session.  The budget passed with a significant appropriation increase for Missouri State.   This is the largest increase the University has received in its 114-year history.  President Smart noted that Governor Parson still needs to sign the budget, but he is encouraged this will happen.  He then thanked the legislators for their support throughout the process.  

President Smart updated the Board on the Chief Information Officer hire. He then recognized Jeff Morrissey, Chief Information Officer, for his accomplishments and congratulated him on his retirement. 

Governor Frazier recently attended the Association of Governing Board’s (AGB) Annual Conference, with Kristan Gochenauer, Board Secretary. He highlighted key aspects of the conference noting the high level of engagement and importance of democracy and creating good citizens.  The next conference is scheduled for April 2020.

President Smart then asked for approval of the 2019 Wall of Fame Inductees (Awards No. 87-19) approving former Missouri State University employees to be added to the Wall of Fame.  The 2019 recommended inductees are Ms. Neosha Mackey, Dr. Linda Pettijohn, Dr. Denny Pilant, Dr. Earle Doman, Ms. Virginia Mee and Mr. Burnie Snodgrass.  Moved and seconded, respectively, by Ms. Silvey and Ms. Tergin.

Motion passed 8-0.

8.    Academic Affairs:
A.    Faculty Senate Report – Dr. Saibal Mitra, Chair of the Faculty Senate, thanked out-going chair Dr. Thomas Dicke for his leadership.  He then provided an outline of the past year’s accomplishments, noted current concerns and highlighted items for the upcoming year.  Dr. Mitra stated that the Faculty Senate recently completed a seven-year review of the Faculty Handbook.  He then shared the two key challenges ahead to include retention and mental health.  Ad-hoc committees are being appointed to review both.
B.    Report from the Provost – Dr. Frank Einhellig, Provost, presented a resolution of appreciation for Dr. Thomas Dicke’s exemplary service as Chair of the Faculty Senate for the 2018-2019 academic year.  Moved and seconded, respectively, by Ms. Tergin and Mr. Frazier.

Motion passed 8-0. 

Dr. Einhellig then introduced the six recipients of the Missouri State University Foundation Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service for 2019, some of whom were present:

•    Service – Dr. George Schmelzle (School of Accountancy) and Dr. James Baumlin (English)
•    Research – Dr. Chin-Feng Hwang (Environmental Plant Science) and Dr. C. Edward Chang (Finance and General Business)
•    Teaching – Dr. Cameron LaBarr (Choral Studies) and Dr. Melinda Novik (Kinesiology)
•    Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching – Dr. Melinda Novik (Kinesiology)

Dr. Einhellig updated the Board on McQueary College of Health and Human Services.  The Nursing program recently went through an accreditation review. All standards were met with an overall excellent report.  The application to increase the class size from 72 to 96 students was approved. He then thanked Dr. Helen Reid, past Dean, and Dr. Letitia White Minnis, Interim Dean, for their recent work on a $750,000 grant application for the Nursing program.  Dr. Einhellig shared that the Occupational Therapy program is expanding its class size from 24 to 28 students.  He reported that an offer has been extended for the Dean search.

He then provided the Board with highlights from the CNAS Undergraduate Research Forum, the McQueary College of Health and Human Services Research Day and the Einhellig Interdisciplinary Graduate Forum.  

9.    Diversity and Inclusion: 
A.    Mr. Wes Pratt, Assistant to the President/Chief Diversity Officer, reported on the 2019 Collaborative Diversity Conference titled Bridging the Cultural Divides held April 24 -27, 2019.  The featured presenter, Professor Irshad Manji, spoke to groups on both the Springfield and West Plains campuses including a conversation where she discussed her new book “Don’t Label Me: A Conversation for Divided Times”. The conference culminated with a Diversity Summit Student Day that included a luncheon and a Q&A session between Professor Manji and student leaders. Mr. Pratt stated that the conference was a success with a record number of attendees/participants.  

10.    Student Affairs:
A.    Report from Student Body President – Mr. Isaiah Villarreal, Student Body President, gave an overview of accomplishments for the Springfield campus over the past year.  He thanked everyone for their support.  Mr. Villarreal then introduced the 2019-2020 Student Body President, Abdillahi Dirie, a senior majoring in health communication. Mr. Dirie shared some areas of focus for the coming year.
B.    Student Affairs Report – Dr. Dee Siscoe, Vice President for Student Affairs, 
offered a commendation to Mr. Isaiah Villarreal for service as Student Body President. Moved and seconded, respectively, by Ms. Counts and Ms. Tergin.

Motion passed 8-0.

Dr. Siscoe then offered a commendation to Mr. Dillon Cordel for service as Student Body Vice President.  A motion was made by Ms. Miller Keltner and seconded by Mr. Frazier.

Motion passed 8-0.

11.    Staff Senate Report – Mr. Jon Lee, Staff Senate Chair, reviewed the Staff Satisfaction Survey drawing attention to a few key areas to including lower satisfaction with rate of pay, but overall high job satisfaction.  He was pleased to see increased participation.  
Mr. Matt Morris, Vice President for Administrative Services, then presented a resolution to commend Mr. Jon Lee for his outstanding service as Staff Senate Chair for 2018-2019. Mr. Frazier made a motion, receiving a second from Ms. Counts.  

Motion passed 8-0.

12.    Financial:
A.    Mr. Morris recommended approval of bids and award of a contract to renovate the general counsel suite in Carrington Hall (Bids & Quotations No. 1574-19). The low bid of $289,280.00 for the base bid plus alternates 1 and 2 was received of Bales Construction Company, Inc. Mr. Morris also recommended approval of bid and award of a contract to upgrade ventilation systems and replace low roofs at Carrington Hall (Bids & Quotations No. 1575-19).  The low bid from Carson-Mitchell, Inc. in the amount of $882,074.00 for the base bid plus alternates 1 and 2 was received.  Ms. Silvey so moved, receiving a second from Ms. Counts.

Motion passed 8-0.

B.    Mr. Morris then recommended approval of bids and award of a contract for the multi-purpose addition at Greenwood Laboratory School (Bids & Quotations No. 1576-19).  The low bid in the amount of $4,924,900.00 for base bid plus alternates 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 was received from DeWitt & Associates, Inc. Work is scheduled to be complete during summer 2020.  A motion was made by Ms. Tergin, receiving a second from Ms. Miller Keltner.

    Motion passed 8-0.

13.    New Business:
A.    Department of Defense and Strategic Studies – Dr. Matthews introduced Dr. Keith Payne, Department Head, Dr. John Rose, Visiting Professor, and Ms. Kathy Fedorchak, Defense and Strategic Studies.  Dr. Payne shared the history of the program, which was started in 1971 at the University of Southern California by Dr. William R. Van Cleave.  In 1987, the program came to Missouri State University and offered a specialized Master of Science degree.  In 2005, the program moved the Department to Washington D.C., where it continues to grow and thrive.  The faculty are extremely enthusiastic about the recent proposal for a professional doctorate. It was noted that there is only one other program like this in the country, which is more expensive and not as friendly to military students. Governor Tergin shared that she had the opportunity to visit the location in D.C.  She was impressed by the caliber of the program and excited that we are bringing additional awareness to it. 
14.    Closed Meeting – It was determined that the Board of Governors needed to meet in a closed session to consider items of business provided in the Revised Statutes of Missouri.  Mr. Gore asked if a resolution authorizing a closed meeting of the Board was prepared.  Thereupon, the following resolution was presented for consideration:

BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Governors for Missouri State University that a closed meeting with closed records and closed vote, be held during a recess of this May 16, 2019, meeting of the Board of Governors to consider items of business pursuant to: 

A.    R.S.Mo. 610.021(1).  “Legal actions, causes of action, or litigation involving a public government body…”

    Mr. Frazier moved the approval of the resolution and Mr. Kendall Seal seconded the motion.

    A roll-call vote on the motion was as follows: those voting in favor – Governors Counts, Frazier, Gore, Miller Keltner, Seal, Silvey, Spears, and Tergin; those voting against – none.

Mr. Gore declared the resolution passed unanimously. The open meeting recessed at 3:30 p.m. to go into closed session.

The open meeting was reconvened at 3:58 p.m.

Date of Next Meeting – The date of the next regularly scheduled meeting was set for Friday, June 21, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. in West Plains, Missouri.

14.        Adjournment – Mr. Gore adjourned the meeting at 3:58 p.m., on the motion of Ms. Counts, the second of Mr. Frazier, and the unanimous vote of the Board.

Kristan Gochenauer
Secretary to the Board