June 9, 2016

Board of Governors Review

June 9, 2016 Meeting

(prepared by the office of university communications)



The board approved a new employment agreement for Head Women’s Basketball Coach Kellie Harper and employment agreements for athletics administrators and coaches.

West Plains Campus

Appointments: Carrie R. Steen, Coordinator Institutional Research-Effectiveness, WP Academic Affairs; Christopher H. Popp, Head Athletics Coach, Basketball, WP Men’s Athletics

The board approved the renewal of the contract with the city of West Plains to lease the West Plains Civic Center for certain university functions.

The board approved the Associate of Applied Science in Culinary and Hospitality Management.

The board approved the Associate of Applied Science in Business - Entrepreneurship Option.

The board approved the Associate of Applied Science in Technology - Advanced Manufacturing Technology Option.

The board approved the Certificate in Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

The board approved the Certificate in Horticulture.

The board approved the Certificate in Workplace Employability Skills.


The board approved the activity and purchasing reports for the Springfield and West Plains campuses.


The board approved rental rates for space in the Kenneth E. Meyer Alumni Center for various departments and university-related offices.

The board approved FY17 additional fringe benefits to be funded by Missouri State University or the Missouri State University Foundation.

Facilities and equipment

The board approved the activity report for April.

Human resources

Ranked academic appointments: Ronald Del Vecchio, Director, Darr School of Agriculture, Professor with Tenure Agriculture (12-month appointment); Faith Benzer, Assistant Professor, Art & Design; Lisa Brescia, Assistant Professor Theatre & Dance; Evan Frodermann, Assistant Professor, Physics, Astronomy & Mat. Sciences; Latoya Kissoon-Charles, Assistant Professor, Biology; Luciane L. Maimone, Assistant Professor, Modern & Classical Languages; Tuesda S. Roberts, Assistant Professor, Reading, Foundations & Technology; Andrew D. Twibell, Assistant Professor, Media, Journalism & Film; Marc S. Willey, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy; Debra S. Finn, Assistant Professor, Biology

Unranked academic reappointment: Charles Hoogland, Instructor, Psychology; Lori Peterson, Visiting Assistant Professor, Management

Academic resignations: Timothy Brock, Assistant Professor, Geography, Geology & Planning;  Corey Fox, Assistant Professor, Management; Alexander Jorgensen, Visiting Instructor, Political Science; Julia Troche, Instructor, History; Lynne Schenk, Clinical Instructor, Communication Sciences & Disorders (12-month appointment)

Academic retirements: Stanley R. Adamson, Associate, Professor, Finance & General Business; Lynn Borich, Senior Instructor, Communication; Robert L. Norton, Professor, Modern & Classical Languages; Paul A. Rollinson, Professor, Geography, Geology & Planning; Lorene H. Stone, Professor, Sociology & Anthropology; Susan S. Sims-Giddens, Professor, Nursing (12-month appointment); Mary J. Oswalt, Clinical Professor, Communication Sciences & Disorders (12-month appointment); Kathryn L. Hope, Department Head Nursing, Professor Nursing (12-month appointment)

Academic change-of-status: Tracy L. Stout from Associate Professor, Library to Associate Professor (Head of Research & Instruction Services), Library (12-month appointment); Roberta J. Aram, from Professor, Childhood Ed. & Family Studies to Faculty Emeritus, Childhood Ed. & Family Studies; Christina M. Biava from Professor, English to Faculty Emeritus, English; John Chuchiak, Director, Honors College to Professor, History; Robert I. Egbert from Professor, Cooperative Engineering to Faculty Emeritus, Cooperative Engineering; Martha Finch from Professor, Religious Studies to Faculty Emeritus, Religious Studies; Christopher J. Herr from Department Head, Theatre & Dance to Professor, Theatre & Dance; Richard Neumann from Senior Instructor, English to Faculty Emeritus, English; Susan S. Sims-Giddens from Professor, Nursing to Faculty Emeritus, Nursing; Lorene Stone from Professor, Sociology & Anthropology to Faculty Emeritus, Sociology & Anthropology; Kristene Sutliff from Professor, English to Faculty Emeritus, English; Lynn Borich from Senior Instructor, Communication to Faculty Emeritus, Communication

Non-academic appointments: Daniel W. Feind, Senior Broadcast Engineer, Broadcast Services; Michelle Gavel, Academic Services Coordinator, TRIO Upward Bound; John A. Banion, Senior Buyer, Procurement Services; Benjamin Orlowski, Assistant Teacher, Child Development Center; KaSandra K. Tindle, Custodian I, Custodial Services; Choompoonoot Knight, Customer Service Manager, Office of Admissions; Mindi M. McCoy, Academic Administrative Assistant II, Childhood Ed. & Family Studies; Ashley R. Reece, Title IX Investigator, Office of the President; Chrystal D. Irons, Director, Small Business Technology Development Center;

Non-academic resignations: Stephanie J. Turek, ODS/EDW Database Analyst, Computer Services; Jonathan Talley, Director Adult Non-Traditional Student Resources, Adult Student Services; Khushboo Hemnani, Microbiology Lab Coordinator, Biology; Kristy M. Teague, Executive Assistant II, College of Health & Human Services; Ciara Newsome, Residence Hall Director, Residence Life, Housing & Dining Services; Emily Norris, Instructional Design & Education Specialists, School of Social Work; Dominiece T. Hoelyfield, Assistant Director – Coordinator LGBT Student Services, Multicultural Programs; Deborah Penn, Director, Dual Credit Program, Dual Credit; Jonathan J. Bell, Residence Hall Director, Residence Life, Housing & Dining Services

Non-academic retirements: Karen R. Willde, Public Safety Parking Control Attendant, Safety & Transportation; Phyllis A. Kenney, Accounting Technician, Financial Services; David J. Yurchak, Senior Buyer, Procurement Services; Jay L. Huff, Assistant Director, Safety & Transportation; Kent D. Thomas, Assistant VP International Programs Director of International Recruitment, International Programs

Non-academic changes-of-status: Kristie A. Reynolds from Coordinator CASL Special Projects, Citizenship & Service Learning to Research Analyst, Institutional Research; Jamie Ross from Academic Advisor-Marketing to Interim Director, Adult Student Services; Cynthia M. Warnow from Administrative Assistant III, Student Engagement to University Operator, Networking & Telecommunications; Nicki Donnelson from Public Relations Specialist to Assistant Director, University Communications; Katie A. Colip from Interim Coordinator to Coordinator, Residence Life, Housing & Dining Services; Nancy A. Copeland from Collection Coordinator, Financial Services to Staff Emeritus, Financial Services; David Yurchak from Senior Buyer to Staff Emeritus, Procurement Services; Kent D. Thomas from Assistant VP International Programs and Director of International Recruitment to Chancellor Emeritus, West Plains.

Salary adjustments: The board approved salary adjustments for academic and non-academic employees.

Student affairs


President Clif Smart gave a report. He highlighted Alumni Award Winners.

The board approved the Fiscal Year 2017 Internal Operating Budget.

The board approved the Long-range Plan.


Dr. Sharmistha Self, outgoing Faculty Senate chair, and Mike Foster, incoming Faculty Senate chair, gave a report.

Provost Frank Einhellig gave a report.

1) Student research Forums

- Graduate College Interdisciplinary Research Forum

- College of Natural and Applied Science Undergraduate Research

- College of Health and Human Services Undergraduate Research

2) 2016-2017 Hiring Update

3) Approval of Resolution for 2016-2017 Faculty Handbook revisions

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Dr. Jim Baker, vice president for research, economic development and international programs, gave a written report on sponsored research activities and international programs.


Wes Pratt, assistant to president/chief diversity officer, gave a written report.


Adam Coffman, student body president, gave a report.

Dr. Dee Siscoe, vice president for student affairs, gave a written report.


Suzanne Shaw, vice president for marketing and communications, gave a written report.


Christina Bowles, chair of the Staff Senate, gave a report.


Brent Dunn, vice president for university advancement, gave a written report on development activities.


The board approved FY 18 capital improvements priorities.


Chancellor Drew Bennett gave a report.



Following the meeting, the board met in closed session.

The next board meeting will take on July 28 in at the Shealy Conference Center in Fair Grove, Missouri.