May 15, 2014



MAY 15, 2014

1. Roll Call

Present- Mr. Joe Carmichael, Governor

Mr. Stephen B. Hoven, Vice Chair of the Board

Ms. Paige Jenkins, Student Governor

Mr. Orvin Kimbrough, Governor (by conference call)

Ms. Beverly Miller, Chair

Mr. Kendall Seal, Governor

Ms. Carrie Tergin, Governor

Absent- Mr. Stephen Bough, Governor

Ms. Virginia Fry, Governor

Mr. Peter Hofherr, Governor


Present- Clifton Smart III, President

Drew Bennett, Chancellor of the West Plains Campus

Frank Einhellig, Provost

Dee Siscoe, Vice President for Student Affairs

Ken McClure, Vice President for Administrative and Information Services

Jim Baker, Vice President for Research, Economic Development, and International Programs

Kenneth Coopwood, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

Stephen Foucart, Chief Financial Officer

Donna Christian, Director of Internal Audit and Compliance

Brent Dunn, Vice President for University Advancement

Penni Groves, General Counsel

John McAlear, Secretary of the Board

2. Presiding --- The presiding officer for the meeting was Ms. Beverly Miller, Chair of the Board of Governors. She called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. in the Traywick Parliamentary Room in the Plaster Student Union on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

3. Approval of Minutes:

a. Board of Governors’ Meeting --- Ms. Miller mentioned that the first item of business was the approval of the minutes for the open and closed meetings of February 7, 2014, the open and closed meetings of March 6-7, 2014, and the open meeting of March 31, 2014. Mr. Hoven so moved, receiving the second of Ms. Tergin.

Motion passed 6-0.

4. Consent Agenda --- Ms. Miller noted that the next item of business on the agenda was the approval of the Consent Agenda for this meeting. The items included in the Consent Agenda are:

Executive Committee Meeting Held on March 19, 2014

Approval of Procurement Activity Report for February 15, 2014, through March 13, 2014 (Purchasing Activity Report No. 401-14).

Computer lab renovation at Glass Hall (Bids & Quotations No. 1455-14); Mechanical Services, Inc., low bid of $304,715 for the base bid plus alternates 1, 2, and 6; total project budget set at $510,000.

Renovation of Kentwood Hall (Bids & Quotations No. 1456-14); Carson-Mitchell, Inc., low bid of $1,778,078 for the base bid plus alternates 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5; total project budget set at $2,520,030.

Phase I renovation of the third floor at Plaster Student Union (Bids & Quotations No. 1457-14); Bailey Company, low bid of $339,579 for the base bid plus alternates 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5; total project budget set at $686,000.

Roof replacement at Hutchens House (Bids & Quotations No. 1458-14); Tremco Incorporated for an amount of $504,677.49; total project budget set at $550,000.

Professional services in conjunction with the renovation of Sunvilla Tower (Architects & Engineers No. 700-14); Lawrence Group, for a fixed, not-to-exceed fee of $1,075,000 plus reimbursable expenses. Additional services of up to $100,000 as described in this agreement may be authorized and approved as necessary.

Approval to increase the project budget for the improvements to the athletic and recreation fields on the Springfield campus (Bids & Quotations No. 1459-14). This $252,886 increase brings the new project budget to $27,072,076.

Ratification of an apartment lease contract for international faculty housing with Jefferson Avenue Apartments (Agreement No. 339-14).

Executive Committee Meeting Held on April 16, 2014

Approval of the renewal of employment of Dr. Drew Bennett as Chancellor of the West Plains Campus; Dr. Frank Einhellig as Provost of Missouri State University and Chancellor of the Mountain Grove Campus; and Kyle Moats as Missouri State University Director of Athletics (Human Resources No. 1452-14).

Approval of First Addendum to Employment Contract for Head Men’s Basketball Coach Paul Lusk and approval of First Addendum to Employment Contract for Head Women’s Basketball Coach Kellie Harper (Human Resources No. 1453-14).

Approval of terms of employment of Women’s Basketball Assistant Coaches Jackie Stiles, Jon Harper, and Jennifer Sullivan; and Women’s Basketball Operations Assistant Scott P. Moore (Human Resources No. 1454-14).

Approval of employment contract for Mallory Weber as Head Coach for Women’s Tennis (Human Resources No. 1455-14).

Approval of resolution congratulating Dr. Mary Jo Wynn on being named a Missouri Sports Legend by the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame and thanking her for her career of achievement at Missouri State University (Awards No. 55-14).

Approval of Procurement Activity Report for the period March 15, 2014, through April 11, 2014 (Purchasing Activity Report No. 402-14).

Approval of 2014-2015 Fee Schedule Amendment (Fees No. 143-14).

Approval of the West Plains Campus Purchasing Activity Report dated April 16, 2014 (West Plains Purchasing Activity Report No. 32-14).

Approval of Peggy Kissinger as the recipient of an Honorary Associate of Arts Degree from Missouri State University-West Plains (West Plains Awards No. 4-14).

ADA improvements on the Springfield campus (Bids & Quotations No. 1460-14); Bales Construction Company, Inc., low bid of $108,000 for the base bid plus alternates 1 and 2; total project budget established at $235,000.

Interior renovations at the Mary Jo Wynn Academic Achievement Center in Forsythe Athletics Center (Bids & Quotations No. 1461-14); Bales Construction Company, Inc., low bid of $520,000; total project budget set at $627,000.

Exterior envelope improvements for the west grandstand at Plaster Sports Complex (Bids & Quotations No. 1462-14); DeWitt and Associates, Inc., low bid of $1,286,600 for the base bid plus alternates 2, 3, 4, and 5; total project budget established at $1,712,300.

FY14 preventative parking lot maintenance on the Springfield campus (Bids & Quotations No. 1463-14); Ball Paving, Inc., lone bid of $98,870 for the base bid plus alternates 1 and 2; total project budget set at $180,000.

Approval to increase the additional services allowed for the consultant for professional services (Hastings + Chivetta, Inc.) in conjunction with the Athletic and Recreation Field Improvements. This $130,000 increase will be funded from the previously approved project budget of $27,072,076. No additional funding is required as the contingency established for this project will be used for this purpose (Architects & Engineers No. 701-14).

Granting a license agreement with the City of Springfield and the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks to allow improvements to be made to the detention area located west of Greenwood Laboratory School (Agreement No. 340-14).

Granting a utility easement to the Board of Public Utilities of the City of Springfield to allow for the replacement and relocation of the water main in the west mall south of Glass Hall (Land 111-14).

Approval of name change for the Office of Research Compliance and Office of Sponsored Research and Programs and associated governing policies (Administration No. 35-14)

West Plains Campus

Approval of Activity Report dated May 15, 2014 (West Plains Campus Activity Report No. 106-14).

Approval of actions concerning West Plains Campus academic employees (West Plains Campus Personnel No. 363-14).

Approval of actions concerning West Plains Campus non-academic employees (West Plains Campus Personnel No. 364-14).

Approval of FY2015 Salary Benefits and Overview for Missouri State University-West Plains Coaches (West Plains Campus Personnel 365-14).

Approval of expenditures to implement student-approved capital projects (West Plains Campus Purchase Approval 47-14).

Student Affairs

Approval of Wyrick expenditures passed by student vote April 2014 to be implemented in FY2015 (Purchase Approval No. 133-14).

Springfield Campus Purchases/Contracts

Approval of Procurement Activity Report for the period January 23, 2014, through April 29, 2014 (Purchasing Activity Report No. 403-14).

Facilities and Equipment

Approval of Activity Report for the month of January 2014 (Activity Report No. 254-14).

Approval of Activity Report for the month of February 2014 (Activity Report No. 255-14).

Approval of Activity Report for the month of March 2014 (Activity Report No. 256-14).

Approval of the second renewal of the contract for the FY2013 Job Order Contracting Services – Electrical Repair and Replacement (Bids & Quotations No. 1464-14).

Approval of the second renewal of the contract for the FY2013 Job Order Contracting Services – Insulation Repair and Replacement (Bids & Quotations No. 1465-14).

Approval of the second renewal of the contract for the FY2013 Job Order Contracting Services – Plumbing Repair and Replacement (Bids & Quotations No. 1466-14).

Approval of Sublease Agreement with the Urban Districts Alliance (UDA) for warehouse space in downtown Springfield (Agreement No. 341-14).

Approval of Apartment Lease Renewal Agreement for International Faculty Housing with Elm Apartments, LLC. (Agreement No. 342-14).

Human Resources Items

Actions concerning academic employees (Human Resources No. 1456-14).

Actions concerning non-academic employees (Human Resources No. 1457-14).

Mr. Kimbrough made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda, receiving a second from Mr. Carmichael.

Motion passed 6-0.

5. President’s Report --- President Clif Smart began his report by welcoming everyone to commencement weekend. Tomorrow, we will graduate 2,381 students on the Springfield campus – 1,784 undergraduate degrees and 597 graduate degrees (including 40 doctorates). On Saturday, 278 additional students will graduate during the commencement ceremony on the West Plains campus.

He next gave an update on the 2014 Legislative Session which does not end until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, so this is not a final report. MSU will receive an increase of 5.2% in our state appropriation. When you subtract the 3% holdback, this will amount to an additional $4,053,477. With this increase, in-state undergraduate tuition and fees will remain flat for the entire year of 2014-15. Other operating budget highlights include: 1) the line item of $1,325,000 for the Occupational Therapy Program in Springfield, and health program enhancement at West Plains remains in the budget; and 2) the $2 million line item for the cooperative Doctor of Pharmacy degree program with UMKC remains, with the first class in this program beginning this fall. On capital funding, $2.25 million was approved from state funding for our new Welcome Center. He added that this morning, the Higher Education Funding Formula bill passed, and it calls for no more than 90% of new funding to be based on performance measures and at least 10 percent based on equity criteria. The only other issue affecting us that is still in play is additional capital funding – there is a bonding project being discussed. One possibility is for maintenance renovation funding only (Senate) while the other possibility includes some new buildings (House).

President Smart next commented on the very successful inaugural Missouri Public Affairs Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held on April 11. More than 200 attendees were on hand to see Clifton Truman Daniel (accepting for his grandfather, President Harry Truman), Senator Jack Danforth and Dr. Donald Suggs. President Smart then reported that, on Saturday, he leaves on a ten-day trip to China. He will attend the graduation at Liaoning Normal University in Dalian and will attend several alumni events. He ended his report by reminding the Board that the June Board meeting will be at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center in Kansas City on June 20.

6. Academic Affairs:

a. Faculty Senate Report --- Dr. Ryan Giedd, former Chairperson of the Faculty Senate, reported that the Faculty Senate had a very productive year – the number of Faculty Senate Actions (mostly curricular issues) this year (2013-2014) totaled 28, and this compares to 4 actions in 2011-2012 and 18 actions in 2012-2013. He said this shows that the faculty are behind the new administration, very enthusiastic about the future, and feel very good about what we’re doing right now. Dr. Stephen McIntyre, new Chairperson of the Faculty Senate, next reported that at the May Faculty Senate meeting, the progress we have made in improving faculty salaries when using CUPA national averages was shown – we are now at 92.6% of the CUPA average for full professors and 96.2% for assistant professors.

b. Report from Provost --- Dr. Frank Einhellig, Provost, first named the recipients of the Missouri State University Foundation Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service for both 2013 and 2014, some of whom were present:

2013: Research – Kevin Mickus (Geography, Geology and Planning) and Sheryl Berlin-Brahnam (Computer Information Systems); Teaching – Denise Cunningham (Childhood Education & Family Studies) and Michael A. Murray (Music); Service – Doug Gouzie (Geography, Geology and Planning) and Carmen Boyd (Biomedical Sciences).

2014: Research – Michael Reed (Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science) and Nikolay Gerasimchuk (Chemistry); Teaching – Stephen McIntyre (History) and Beth Hurst (Reading Foundations & Technology); Service – Alexander Wait (Biology) and William Meadows (Sociology & Anthropology).

He then presented a resolution of appreciation for Dr. Ryan Giedd’s exemplary service as Chair of the Faculty Senate for the 2013-2014 academic year. Moved and seconded, respectively, by Mr. Hoven and Mr. Carmichael.

Motion passed 6-0.

He then asked Dr. Rachelle Darabi, Associate Provost for Student Development & Public Affairs to introduce each of the recipients for the Board of Governors’ Excellence in Public Affairs awards. Staff award winners were Herb Lunday and Kathy Nordyke, and Faculty award winners were James Baumlin, W. Anson Elliott, and Lora Hobbs (Religious Studies Department Head, Dr. Stephen Berkwitz, accepted on her behalf). Governors Paige Jenkins and Beverly Miller assisted Dr. Darabi with the award presentations.

Dr. Einhellig then presented a resolution (Awards No. 56-14) acknowledging the Excellence in Public Affairs for Faculty and Staff award recipients just named. Moved by Mr. Carmichael and seconded by Ms. Tergin.

Motion passed 6-0.

Dr. Kevin Evans, Chair of the tenth annual Public Affairs Conference, next reported on the success of this year’s conference with the theme – Global Perspective: Why it Matters. He reported that there were 5,000 attendees who attended the March 20, 2014, Spring Public Affairs Convocation with General Colin Powell speaking – a very nice early start to the conference. The conference, April 8-11, had 3,500 attendees to hear 30 panelists from around the world.

7. Diversity and Inclusion --- Dr. Kenneth Coopwood, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, next reported on the great success of the second Statewide Collaborative Diversity Conference that had 49 speakers and 28 presentations. There was a 25% increase in paid registrations.

8. Student Affairs:

a. Report from Student Body President --- Mr. David Schneider, Student Body President, reported that in the recent elections, Jordan McGee and Addison Reed were elected, respectively, President and Vice President of the Student Body. He added that the SGA passed a resolution recommending that the University adopt a Latin motto meaning “Dare to Excel.” They also passed a resolution is support of an LGBT Resource Center.

b. Commendations --- Dr. Dee Siscoe, Vice President for Student Affairs, first presented a resolution to commend Brittany Donnellan for outstanding service as Student Body Vice President from May 2013 through May 2014. Moved by Mr. Hoven and seconded by Mr. Carmichael.

Motion passed 6-0.

Dr. Siscoe then presented a resolution to commend David Schneider for outstanding service as Student Body President from May 2013 through May 2014. Moved and seconded, respectively, by Mr. Carmichael and Ms. Tergin.

Motion passed 6-0.

9. Staff Senate --- Ms. Andrea Weber, Chairperson for the Faculty Senate, reported that officers for the next year have been elected and will take over in July. The new officers will be: Chair – Scott Fiedler; Chair-Elect – Christina Bowles; and Secretary/Treasurer – Rob Moore.

10. New Business:

a. First Reading of Revision to Bylaws --- Ms. Penni Groves, General Counsel, presented recommended revisions to Articles II and IV of the Board Bylaws. The Article IV revision makes clear that when the Board of Governors is not in session, the Executive Committee shall have the powers of the Board to take such action as the Executive Committee may deem to be in the best interests of the University. It also allows any Board member to remove an item from the Executive Committee agenda to have that item considered by the full Board. The Article II amendment is to change some language to stay consistent with the new language in Article IV. This is a first reading and formal action will be taken at the Board’s next meeting. Mr. Carmichael commented that it could be clearer that the Executive Committee can only take action on items that are included in the meeting agenda. It was decided to include language saying “If an item is not specifically listed on the agenda, no action will be taken at the Executive Committee meeting.” Ms. Groves commented she will include such language and send the amended wording to the Board next week. The Board will still be able to formally approve these revisions at their June meeting.

b. Approval of Revision to G1.03 Officers of the University Policy --- Ms. Groves, General Counsel, presented a resolution (Board Policies No. 88-14) revising G1.03 Officers of the University. These revisions include: 1) to describe the Director of Internal Audit and Compliance position to clarify additional responsibility for compliance and reporting lines; 2) the Chief of Staff/Assistant to the President for University Relations has been divided into two position descriptions: Chief of Staff/Assistant to the President for Government Relations and Vice President for Marketing and Communications; and 3) the Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate College was added to the list of officers.

Moved by Ms. Tergin and seconded by Mr. Carmichael.

Motion passed 6-0.

c. Discussion on Marketing --- President Smart announced that, today, we return to marketing Missouri State as our discussion topic. It was a year ago that we discussed marketing and we focused on the results out of the research by PSB. Their research provided the foundation for the recommendations that then followed from CJRW. We will soon name a new Vice President for Marketing and Communications to guide us and help implement the recommendations.

Mr. Paul Kincaid, Chief of Staff, next reminded the Board of some of the major research findings: 1) Bears are highly associated with Missouri State, so we are using Bears often; 2) the term Public Affairs did not mean much but the three elements did, so we are leading with Ethical Leadership, Community Engagement, and Cultural Competence; and 3) our tagline Follow Your Passion, Find Your Place was well received, just not well known, so we are working on this. Some of the specific recommendations included: 1) focus first on academics and campus experience, then follow with value; 2) continue to emphasize electronic communication; 3) consider more paid advertising, but not television; and 4) consider centralizing the marketing oversight across campus. Mr. Kincaid explained that the Marketing Plan provides guidance but does not include every initiative. It should be fine-tuned when the new Vice President arrives. We need to think about staffing to ensure that we have the resources to implement the plan. He added continuous progress is the goal.

Ms. Sara Clark, Director of Web and New Media, next showed some examples (including videos and radio spots) of how Missouri State has been marketing and communicating online. Many examples showed the focus on academics. An academic website project undertaken was to redesign department-level websites with recruitment in mind. She also focused on integrated branding, specifically as it relates to increased adoption of social media in mobile friendly practices. The various official Missouri State social media accounts have almost 125,000 followers and subscribers. We must be where they are. Research shows that college-bound juniors and seniors rely on their mobile devices – almost 50% use mobile devices for all of their website browsing. Because of this, we have begun a transition to mobile friendly web platforms and are focusing on two areas, recruitment and retention. Ms. Clark also focused on how we are using an integrated approach to highlight campus experiences. The goal is to extend what’s happening in the real world to the online world. We do this through the website, social media, and media relations. The last area Ms. Clark focused on was alumni communications. A survey of alumni showed that 86% of them want to stay connected and the preferred communication is by email, once a month.

Mr. Don Simpson, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, next touched on recruitment as it relates to marketing, with a focus on recruitment of traditional undergraduates. We have upgraded printed academic program guides that include key facts most important to students and directs them to the new departmental websites. He also commented that one of their major objectives is to get prospective students to visit campus – if they visit; they are more likely to enroll. We are up 15% in campus visits. In stressing value, we have a “Costs” webpage that compares our cost with the average for public universities in Missouri and nationally and we compare well. Regarding marketing and retention, our internal marketing and effort to build traditions contributes to retention. Students feeling even better about being a Bear will share this passion with prospective students - students are our best recruiters. We are excited that we are up 7% in new freshmen admits for this coming Fall when compared to last year at this time.

Ms. Miller then led the Board and the audience in a 40-minute discussion on some of the highlights of the presentation. It was mentioned that this was an outstanding presentation and shows that we are focused on what our students are seeking. President Smart commented that this presentation shows that we do not need to go out and hire an ad agency to do this work for us – we have very creative, capable people doing this work. We are able to take the research and do our own videos, websites, mobile apps, and publications.

11. Closed Meeting --- It was determined that the Board of Governors needed to meet in a closed session to consider items of business provided in the Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri. Ms. Miller asked if a resolution authorizing a closed meeting of the Board was prepared. Thereupon, the following resolution was presented for consideration:

BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Governors for Missouri State University that a closed meeting, with closed records and closed vote, be held immediately following this May 15, 2014, meeting of the Board of Governors to consider items of business pursuant to:

  1. R.S.Mo. 610.021 (1). “…any confidential or privileged communications between a public governmental body or its representatives and its attorneys…”

Mr. Carmichael moved the approval of the resolution and Ms. Tergin seconded the motion.

A roll call vote was taken: those voting in favor – Governors Carmichael, Hoven, Kimbrough, Miller, Seal, and Tergin; those voting against – none; those absent – Governors Bough, Fry, and Hofherr.

Ms. Miller declared the resolution passed unanimously.

12. Date of Next Meeting --- The date of the next regularly scheduled meeting was set for Friday, June 20, 2014, at 1:00 p.m. at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center, 4801 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, Missouri.

13. Adjournment--- Ms. Miller adjourned the meeting at 3:45 p.m., on the motion of Mr. Carmichael, the second of Ms. Tergin, and the unanimous vote of the Board.

John W. McAlear