June 10, 2016

JUNE 10, 2016

1. Roll Call

Mr. Joe Carmichael, Vice Chair
Ms. Virginia Fry, Governor
Mr. Gabriel E. Gore, Governor
Dr. Peter Hofherr, Chair
Mr. Stephen B. Hoven, Governor
Ms. Beverly Miller, Governor
Mr. Kendall Seal, Governor
Mr. Greg Spears, Governor
Ms. Carrie Tergin, Governor


Mr. Tyree Davis IV, Student Governor

Also Present:

Clifton Smart III, President
Frank Einhellig, Provost
Drew Bennett, Chancellor of the West Plains Campus
Dee Siscoe, Vice President for Student Affairs
Matt Morris, Vice President for Administrative Services
Jim Baker, Vice President for Research, Economic Development, and International Programs
Jeff Morrissey, Chief Information Officer
Stephen Foucart, Chief Financial Officer
Suzanne Shaw, Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Brent Dunn, Vice President for University Advancement
Donna Christian, Director of Internal Audit and Compliance
Rachael Dockery, General Counsel
John McAlear, Secretary of the Board

2. Presiding --- The presiding officer for the meeting was Dr. Peter Hofherr, Chair of the Board of Governors. He called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m. in the Magnolia Room in the West Plains Civic Center in West Plains, Missouri.

3. Approval of Minutes --- Dr. Hofherr mentioned that the first item of business was the approval of the minutes for the open and closed meetings of May 12, 2016. Mr. Hoven so moved, receiving the second of Ms. Miller.

Motion passed 9-0.

4. Consent Agenda --- Dr. Hofherr noted that the next item of business on the agenda was the approval of the Consent Agenda for this meeting. The items included in the Consent Agenda are:

Approval of replacement of Employment Agreement for Head Women’s Basketball Coach Kellie Harper (Human Resources No. 1522-16).

Approval of FY2016-2017 Employment Agreements for Athletics Administrators and Coaches (Human Resources No. 1523-16).

West Plains Campus
Approval of Purchasing Activity Report dated June 10, 2016 (West Plains Campus Purchasing Activity Report No. 34-16).

Approval of actions concerning West Plains Campus academic employees (West Plains Campus Personnel No. 392-16).

Approval of actions concerning West Plains Campus non-academic employees (West Plains Campus Personnel No. 393-16).

Approval of Academic Program for the Associate of Applied Science in Culinary and Hospitality Management (West Plains Campus Curriculum No. 80-16).

Approval of Academic Program for the Associate of Applied Science in Business – Entrepreneurship Option (West Plains Campus Curriculum No. 81-16).

Approval of the Academic Program for the Associate of Applied Science in Technology – Advanced Manufacturing Technology Option, name change (West Plains Campus Curriculum No. 82-16).

Approval of the Academic Program for the Certificate in Advanced Manufacturing Technology, name change (West Plains Campus Curriculum No. 83-16).

Approval of New Academic Program for the Certificate in Horticulture (West Plains Campus Curriculum No. 84-16).

Approval of New Academic Program for the Certificate in Workplace Employability Skills (West Plains Campus Curriculum No. 85-16).

Springfield Campus Purchases/Contracts
Approval of Procurement Activity Report for the period April 27, 2016, through May 25, 2016 (Purchasing Activity Report No. 439-16).

Approval of rental rates for space in the Kenneth E. Meyer Alumni Center for various departments and University-related offices (Agreement No. 374-16).

Approval of FY17 additional fringe benefits to be funded by Missouri State University or the Missouri State University Foundation (Human Resources No. 1524-16).

Notification to the Board of Governors of a fee schedule modification approved by President Smart. This modification was originally presented to the Board of Governors on December 11, 2015, for 2015-2016. However, this change was inadvertently left off of the 2016-2017 Fee Resolution. The following is the modified International Programs Sponsored Student Fee (with the modifications underlined):

International Students who attend Missouri State University, to include the English Language Institute, whose room and board and/or tuition and fees are paid by a sponsoring organization will be charged a sponsored student fee of $200 for fall and spring semesters; $100 for summer semester; $100 per 8-week session for English Language Institute. This fee is non-refundable.

Facilities and Equipment
Approval of Activity Report for the month of April 2016 (Activity Report No. 281-16).

Human Resources Items
Actions concerning academic employees (Human Resources No. 1525-16).

Actions concerning non-academic employees (Human Resources No. 1526-16).

Approval of salary adjustments for academic employees effective July 1, 2016 (Human Resources No. 1527-16).

Approval of salary adjustments for academic employees effective August 1, 2016 (Human Resources No. 1528-16).

Approval of salary adjustments for non-academic employees effective July 1, 2016 (Human Resources No. 1529-16).

Approval of salary adjustments for non-academic employees effective August 1, 2016 (Human Resources No. 1530-16).

Mr. Carmichael made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda, receiving a second from Ms. Tergin.

Motion passed 9-0.

5. President’s Report --- President Clif Smart began his report by highlighting the distinguished alumni award winners at the MSU Alumni Association’s first-ever Bears of Distinction Dinner and Awards Ceremony to be held tonight in Springfield:

Outstanding Alumnus Award – Senator Ron Richard
Outstanding Young Alumnus Award – Representative Lincoln Hough
Award for Excellence in Public Affairs – Steven McDonald
Volunteer of the Year Award – John Brinkmann
Award of Appreciation – Julie Ebersold

President Smart then presented a resolution (Finance No. 1054-16) for the approval of the Fiscal Year 2017 Internal Operating Budget. He added that we have discussed the key elements of this budget at our last three meetings as well as in this morning’s Finance and Facilities Committee meeting. It is a balanced budget which includes a 4.5% increase in the core state appropriation, no tuition increase for in-state, undergraduate students, and a 2% across-the-board raise for employees. It also includes targeted merit compensation increases under the third year of the Full Professor Salary Incentive Program and a staff pool for additional compensation increases based on merit and equity. Moved and seconded, respectively, by Ms. Fry and Ms. Miller.

Motion passed 9-0.

President Smart next presented a resolution (Board Policies No. 103-16) for the approval of the 2016-2021 Long-Range Plan. He indicated that this recommended plan is the culmination of two years of work, including the development of a campus-wide vision and the development of a plan based on that vision. He added that the Board has been involved in every step of developing the vision and the plan. The next step is implementing the plan, and the Board members will get their opportunity to weigh in on the implementation at our July retreat when we will establish action items under each heading of the plan for the 2016-2017 year. He added that we will also designate particular areas that we want to focus additional efforts and resources as priorities, and we will develop metrics to measure our progress toward moving these priorities forward. Moved by Mr. Hoven and seconded by Ms. Miller.

Motion passed 9-0.

6. Academic Affairs:
a. Report from the Provost --- Dr. Frank Einhellig, Provost, first reported on three
different student research forums held the week of April 17, 2016: a) Graduate College Interdisciplinary Research Forum (covering all disciplines); b) College of Health and Human Services Undergraduate Research; and c) College of Natural and Applied Sciences Undergraduate Research.

He next gave a 2016-2017 Hiring Update. Since July 1, 2015, we have advertised 110 searches for faculty or academic administrators compared to only 81 searches the previous year. Ten of these searches were for academic administrators and all but one position has been filled. Our faculty numbers will increase this next year.

Dr. Einhellig then presented a resolution (Faculty Policies No. 137-16) for the approval of proposed revisions to the Faculty Handbook – Sections 7.2.1; 8.4; 12.3.8; 12.3.9; 12.4.1;; 12.4.6 and 13.3. Moved and seconded, respectively, by Ms. Fry and Mr. Hoven.

Motion passed 9-0.

7. Student Affairs:
a. Report from Student Body President --- Mr. Adam Coffman, Springfield Campus Student Body President, introduced Ms. Brianna Duda, Vice President of the Student Body, and Mr. Brandon McCoy, Chief of Staff. This is the first time for all three of them to visit the West Plains Campus and they have enjoyed meeting the West Plains Student Body officers.

8. Staff Senate Report --- Ms. Christina Bowles, Chairperson of the Staff Senate, thanked the Board for the opportunity to serve in the role of Staff Senate Chairperson. She then introduced Mr. Ryan Wilson, incoming Chairperson. He reported that one of their projects for this next year is an updating of their Bylaws. Another area he is going to focus on is staff engagement. It’s been shown that increased student engagement adds to the overall experience and retention of students, so he is planning on applying this same concept to staff this year.

9. Facilities and Equipment --- Mr. Matt Morris, Vice President for Administrative Services, presented a resolution (Finance No. 1055-16) for the approval of the FY2018 Capital Improvements Priorities to be submitted to the Coordinating Board for Higher Education, the Office of Administration’s Division of Budget & Planning, and the Office of Administration’s Division of Facilities Management, Design, & Construction. Moved by Mr. Spears and seconded by Ms. Tergin.

Motion passed 9-0.

10. West Plains Campus --- Dr. Drew Bennett, Chancellor of the West Plains Campus, first presented a video entitled Discover Missouri State-West Plains that was produced inhouse. He then introduced Dr. Rajiv Thakur, Assistant Professor of Geography and incoming Faculty Senate Chair, who summarized the West Plains faculty’s accomplishments this past year. Chancellor Bennett then introduced Ms. Michelle Branton who will be Director of Academic Support in July and is the newly elected Staff Senate Chair. She gave a recap on numerous activities that the Staff Senate participated in this past year. Chancellor Bennett then introduced Ms. Sydney McBride and Mr. Sage Roush, respectively, President and Vice President of the West Plains Student Government. Ms. McBride highlighted some of their summer activities and gave an overview of some of the West Plains Campus SGA’s goals for the coming year.

Chancellor Bennett next gave an update on the Carol Silvey Student Union and the Hass-Darr Project. He remarked that this project (not with this name at that time) started in August 1998, when Ms. Mary Sheid purchased a former church building and donated it to the University to house programs that would enhance the college experience for students. He then recognized Ms. Sheid who was in the audience. Reductions in state appropriations caused this project to be delayed. A 2002 study then showed that it would be more costly to renovate the building than to replace it. The church property was then sold and additional donations were sought for a new structure. The economic downturn of 2009 caused this project to be further delayed. Instead of constructing a new building, this project was turned into renovating the Post Office Building which the University owned and the lease to the United State Postal Service was about to run out. Last year, the legislature passed a bonding package to provide $300 million for repairs and renovations for public properties around the State, including $1.5 million for the renovation of the West Plains Post Office. A fund-raising campaign began in October 2015, and two families and long-time supporters stepped forward – Mary Hass Sheid of West Plains and the William R. Hass family of Springfield, and William and Virginia Darr of Springfield made significant gifts toward the project, hence the naming of the project – Hass-Darr Hall. Also in October, they kicked off an effort to raise $250,000 for the Carol Silvey Student Union located in Hass-Darr Hall. Mrs. Silvey worked on the West Plains Campus for 38 years, as a History faculty member and, then, the first Director of Development. Dr. Bennett then announced that gifts and pledges have exceeded more than $310,000 toward this project. He then recognized Ms. Silvey who was in the audience. The total project cost is estimated to be $5 million – funded by $1.5 million from the State, a goal of $1.5-2.0 million from private gifts, and the remaining from reserves. Dake Wells has been selected as the architect for this project. The plan is to renovate the Post Office along with an expansion that will double the size of the building. Dr. Bennett then presented some drawings showing some of the uses of the renovated and expanded property including the Carol Silvey Student Union, the Drago College Bookstore with a new coffee shop, classrooms and offices for the Willian and Virginia Darr Honors Program, classrooms and offices for the Tutoring Center, a Veterans Center, an Advising Center, and an Admissions Center. He concluded that the synergies of a completed Hass-Darr Hall, estimated to be open in February 2018, will help increase enrollment and retention of students.

11. Closed Meeting --- It was determined that the Board of Governors needed to meet in a closed session to consider items of business provided in the Revised Statutes of Missouri. Dr. Hofherr asked if a resolution authorizing a closed meeting of the Board was prepared. Thereupon, the following resolution was presented for consideration:

BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Governors for Missouri State University that a closed meeting, with closed records and closed vote, be held during a recess of this June 10, 2016, meeting of the Board of Governors to consider items of business pursuant to:

a. R.S.Mo. 610.021 (3). “Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of particular employees by a public governmental body…”

b. R.S.Mo. 610.021 (13). “Individually identifiable personnel records, performance ratings or records pertaining to employees or applicants for employment…”

c. R.S.Mo. 610.021 (17). “Confidential or privileged communications between a public governmental body and its auditor,…”

Ms. Fry moved the approval of the resolution and Ms. Tergin seconded the motion.

A roll call vote on the motion was as follows: those voting in favor – Governors Carmichael, Fry, Gore, Hofherr, Hoven, Miller, Seal, Spears, and Tergin; those voting against the motion – none.

Dr. Hofherr declared the resolution passed unanimously. The open meeting was recessed at 2:30 p.m. to go into closed session.

The open meeting reconvened at 4:12 p.m.

12. Date of Next Meeting --- The date of the next scheduled meeting was set for Thursday, July 28, 2016, at 9:00 a.m. in the Shealy Conference Center, in Fair Grove, Missouri.

13. Adjournment--- Dr. Hofherr adjourned the meeting at 4:15 p.m., on the motion of Ms. Fry, the second of Mr. Spears, and the unanimous vote of the Board.

John W. McAlear