Special Topic Discussion: Diversity

Board of Governors Diversity Discussion Agenda

  1. Introduction/Overview

    President Clif Smart
    (approx 2-3 minutes)

  2. Overview and Context

    Dr. Dee Siscoe
    (approx 5-7 minutes)

    • Diversity reporting definitions
    • Current and historical data
    • Recruiting initiatives
  3. Services and New Initiatives

    Dr. Ken Coopwood
    (approx 8-10 minutes)

    • Support services currently provided to students
    • New initiatives since the Diversity and Inclusion division was established
    • Plans for the future
    • DiversityWorks Project with presentation by Pauline E. Kayes, president
  4. Student Overview/Presentations

    Introductions by Dr. Dee Siscoe
    (approx 10-12 minutes)

    • Nii Kpapko Abrahams – senior from Carl Junction majoring in communications
    • Patricia Morales – undeclared freshman from Kansas City
    • Sonya KilongKilong – junior from Joplin majoring in kinesiology
    • Danny Perches – graduate student in psychology from Springfield
  5. Summary

    President Clif Smart
    (approx 1-2 minutes)

  6. Board Discussion

    Led by Mr. Orv Kimbrough, Chair
    (approx 30-45 minutes)

    Decision points for the Board’s discussion:

    • Besides enrollment numbers, retention rates, and graduation rates, what other data should we consider as we measure success in achieving more domestic diversity?
    • Is the goal is in the University’s long-range plan for 2011-16, Fulfilling Our Promise, still appropriate? (Access To Success – Objective 2: Minority Enrollment – 2016 Target: Increase percentage of historically excluded groups from 9% to 12% [of the total student body] by 2016)
    • Based on the background materials and the presentations, would you recommend changing the focus of our efforts?
    • Is there a role for Board members to play in increasing diversity and, if so, what might that role include?

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