Missouri State University

June 21, 2013

Board of Governors Review

(prepared by the office of university communications)


The Board ratified items presented to the Executive Committee on June 19, 2013.


The Board approved a first addendum to the employment contract of Melissa Stokes, head coach, women’s volleyball and the FY2014 employment agreements for athletics administrators and coaches.

Academic Affairs

The Board approved of Faculty Handbook revisions, sections 1.5;; 3.4.1-3.4.2; 4.8.2; 4.8.5; 7.2.1-7.2.2; and 16.2.3.

West Plains

The Board approved appointments of part-time faculty and reappointments of non-tenured faculty.

The Board approved the non-academic appointments of Lucille Adams, registrar, WP registration and records; and Melody J. Hubbell, assistant director of development, WP development. They also approved the retirement of Mozella Jett, food services manager, WP food services.

The Board also approved a lease agreement for property at 515 Cass Avenue, West Plains, Mo.


The Governors approved the activity and purchasing reports for the Springfield and West Plains campuses.


The Board approved rental rates for space in the Kenneth E. Meyer Alumni Center for various departments and university related offices and additional fringe benefits to be funded by Missouri State University or the Missouri State University Foundation.

Facilities and Equipment

The Board approved an amendment to the lease agreement with Lumimove, Inc. dba Crosslink.

Human Resources

Ranked academic appointments (assistant professor unless otherwise noted): Chris Hines Assistant, professor, School of Accountancy.

Unranked academic appointments (instructor unless otherwise noted):Caryn Saxon, criminology and criminal justice.

Academic resignations: Diana Milburn, Greenwood Lab School; Christina Robinson, economics; James Simmerman, finance and general business; Rebecca Xu, art and design; Shawn Strong, technology and construction management.

Faculty non-reappointment: Brent Kinghorn, management.

Faculty retirement: Larry Burt, history; Clayton Sherman, mathematics; Marvin Prosono, sociology and anthropology; Maurice Tate, African American Studies.

Academic leave with pay: Melissa Dallas, hospitality and restaurant administration.

Sabbaticals:Angela Leslie Anderson, counseling, leadership and special education; Alice Jill Black, geography, geology and planning.

Cancelation of sabbatical: Brett Garland, criminology and criminal justice.

Academic change-of-status: Mark Biggs, to interim associate dean, College of Arts and Letters/associate professor, media, journalism and film; Patti Salinas, to acting department head/associate professor, criminology and criminal justice; Michael Craig, to faculty emeritus status, biomedical sciences; Melissa Dallas, to professor, hospitality and restaurant management; Bryan Jennings, to assistant professor, art and design; Jenifer Roberts, correction, to leave with pay.

Academic reappointments: The Board approved the reappointments of non-tenured, unranked faculty.

Non-academic appointments: Marilyn L. Aikins, health career coordinator, Southwest Missouri Area Health Education Center; Katherine A. Brady, coordinator, MBA program, College of Business; Scott P. Moore, operations assistant, basketball, intercollegiate athletics; Shawn W. McComb, groundskeeper, grounds services; Jesse R. Scheve, staff photographer, photographic services; Sarah E. Nyquist, transfer student recruiter-evaluator, admissions; Rhett Caviel, academic advisor, Athletics Achievement Center; Todd R. Euglow, residence hall director, residence life, housing and dining services; Bradley Korn, assistant coach, intercollegiate  athletics; Ime E. Usukumah, assistant project manager, planning, design and construction; James H. McTavish, project manager – professional engineer, planning, design and construction; Nathan C. Winters, residence hall director, residence life, housing and dining services; Denita S. Siscoe, vice president for student affairs, student affairs.

Non-academic resignations: Keri L. Cerda, residence life, housing and dining services; Brian Grier, custodial services; Amy Stanton, custodial services; Kristie Luginbill, Southwest Regional Professional Development Center; Clyde D. Miller, residence life, housing and dining services; Ryan R.G. Reed, residence life, housing and dining services.

Non-academic retirements: Earle F. Doman, student affairs; Ronald E. Boaz, Hammons Student Center; Connie DeGeere, Taylor Health and Wellness; Linda J. Sartorius, School of Accountancy; Patrick Zacha, facilities maintenance; Jean Ann Thomas, history.

Non-academic change-of-status: Benjamin S. Boslaugh, to interim assistant director/facilities maintenance utilities manager, facilities maintenance; Karen H. Ash, to assistant director, financial aid; Earle F. Doman, to staff emeritus, student affairs; Paul J. Essel, to senior accountant/analyst; Mary T. McManus, to controller, financial services; Vickie Russell, to administrative specialist I, safety and transportation; Tara Benson, to associate director of Plaster Student Union/director of office of student engagement, office of student engagement; Anna L. Brashers, to executive assistant I, College of Business; Ronald E. Boaz, to staff  emeritus, Hammons Student Center; Connie DeGeere, to staff emeritus, Taylor Health and Wellness; Janean R. Houston, to administrative assistant III, multicultural services; Linda J. Sartorius, to staff  emeritus, School of Accountancy ; Erin E. Carson, to academic records specialist, office of the registrar; Laurie L. Wilson, to executive assistant II, Humanities and Public Affairs; Jean Ann Thomas, to staff emeritus, history.


President Clif Smart gave a report. The Board recognized the service of Internal Auditor June McHaney.

The Governors also approved the FY 15 capital appropriations request and the FY 14 internal operating budget.


Provost Frank Einhellig gave a report.

Dr. Jim Baker, vice president for research and economic development, gave a report on sponsored research activities. The Board voted to approve a proposal to establish the Missouri State University International Leadership and Training Center and related Memorandum of Agreement with Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Ken Coopwood, vice president for diversity and inclusion, gave a written report.


Dr. Drew Bennett, Missouri State University-West Plains chancellor, gave a written report on activities at the West Plains campus.


David Schneider, student body president, gave a report.

Don Simpson, interim vice president for student affairs, also gave a report.


Dixie William, Staff Senate chair, gave a report.


Brent Dunn, vice president for university advancement, gave a written report on development activities.

Steve Foucart, chief financial officer, gave a written report.


The Board approved a 2 percent across-the-board increase for university faculty and staff.


The Board participated in follow up discussions regarding the topics of sustainability (December 2012) and West Plains academic programs (February 2013).


Following the regular meeting, the Board met in executive session.

The next Board meeting will take place at 8 a.m. Aug. 1 at the Shealy Conference Center, Fair Grove, Mo.