January 16, 2013




January 16, 2013

1. Roll Call:

Present - Mr. Peter Hofherr, Governor (by conference call)

Mr. Steve Hoven, Governor (by conference call)

Mr. Orvin Kimbrough, Chair of the Board (by conference call)

Ms. Beverly Miller, Vice Chair of the Board (by conference call)


Present - Clif Smart, President

Steve Foucart, Interim Chief Financial Officer

Frank Einhellig, Provost

Penni Groves, General Counsel

Ken McClure, Vice President for Administrative and Information


Paul Kincaid, Chief of Staff

Jeff Morrissey, Chief Information Officer

Doug Sampson, University Architect and Director of Campus Planning

Matt Morris, Associate Vice President for Administrative and Information Services

Tina McManus, Director of Accounting & Budgeting

John McAlear, Secretary of the Board

2. Presiding — Mr. Orvin Kimbrough, Chair of the Board of Governors, called the Executive Committee conference-call meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. in Room 203 of Carrington Hall on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

3. Academic Affairs – Dr. Frank Einhellig, Provost, first presented a resolution for the approval of the academic calendar for 2014-2015 (Item II.A.). Moved and seconded, respectively, by Mr. Hofherr and Ms. Miller.

Motion passed 3-0.

4. Purchases/Contracts – Mr. Steve Foucart, Interim Chief Financial Officer, presented a resolution summarizing Procurement Services Office activities from December 14, 2012, through January 11, 2013 (Item III.A.). The one item needing approval in this report is $160,783.62 with MOREnet (Missouri Research and Education Network). MOREnet is an internet connection serving Missouri State University’s Residence Life, and the academic and administrative needs for all campuses. MOREnet provides internet connectivity, access to an advanced national and educational network referred to as Internet2, technical support, videoconferencing services, and training to Missouri’s K-12 schools, colleges and universities, public libraries, health care, state government, and other affiliated organizations, among other services. Established in 1991, MOREnet operates as a unit within the University of Missouri and is based in Columbia, Mo. This payment is for the period July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. Moved by Mr. Hofherr. Seconded by Ms. Miller.

Motion passed 3-0.

5. Facilities and Equipment --- Mr. Ken McClure, Vice President for Administrative and Information Services, next presented the following resolutions:

Approval of Third Amendment to the Building Attachment Antenna Collocation Lease Agreement at Blair House and Plaster Sports Complex with Cingular Wireless (now ATT) (Item IV.A.). In 2003, the University approved an agreement with Cingular Wireless, for installation of wireless equipment at Blair House and Plaster Sports Complex for transmission of wireless signals with an annual financial return to the University of $24,000 per location. The original term of the lease was five years plus four additional renewal options of five years each. The annual escalating financial return is now up to approximately $31,000 per location. This Third Amendment is requested to modify existing antenna configuration equipment to LTE upgrade at both locations.

Approval of Sublease for Fourth Floor Brick City Building #1 to host the UMKC/MSU Pharm D. Program (Item IV.B.). The University has previously entered into a lease with Brick City Tenant Two, LLC., for use of the four floors of Brick City Building #1. The first three floors are being used by the Art & Design Department. This sublease is requested to lease the fourth floor of Building #1 to the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) to establish a Pharm D. Program. The term of the Lease Agreement will be ten years with up to two additional periods of five years each. The University will receive rental payments for the first year from UMKC in the amount of $20,937.50 per month beginning January 1, 2014. In addition, the University will perform initial telecommunications and networking installation for a fee of $107,390.39 and project coordination services on behalf of UMKC for a fee of $29,600.

Approval to increase the project budget for the phase II renovation at Robert W. Plaster Center for Free Enterprise and Business Development (Item IV.C.). This $117,000 increase brings the new total project budget to $8,483,163. The $117,000 increase is for card access costs ($25,000), floor improvements ($12,000), and additional furniture ($80,000).

Moved and seconded, respectively, by Mr. Hoven and Mr. Hofherr.

Motion passed 3-0.

6. Adjournment — Mr. Kimbrough adjourned the conference-call meeting at 4:25 p.m. upon the motion of Ms. Miller, the second of Mr. Hoven, and the unanimous vote of the committee.

John W. McAlear

Secretary of the Board