Program Requirements

Degree requirements (Minimum of 42 hours)

MSND with concentration in population health emphasis
Course Code Course Title Credit hours
DTN 740 Medical Nutrition Therapy I Practicum 3 hrs
DTN 741 Medical Nutrition Therapy II Practicum 3 hrs
DTN 742 Population Health Nutrition Practicum 3 hrs
DTN 743 Foodservice Management Practicum 3 hrs
DTN 744 Practicum in Area of Concentration 3 hrs
DTN 750 Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy 1 hr
DTN 752 Advanced Population Health Nutrition I 1 hr
DTN 762 Advanced Population Health Nutrition II 2 hrs
DTN 753 Advanced Food Service Management 1 hr
DTN 755 Advanced Nutrition Counseling 1 hr
MGT 701 Health Services Organization 3 hrs
PBH 710 Clinical Epidemiology 3 hrs
PBH 730 Biostatistics in Health Sciences 3 hrs
PBH 740 Health Behavior 3 hrs
PBH 760 Research Methods in Public Health 3 hrs
PBH 775 Principles and Skills of Public Health Administration 3 hrs

DTN 797 OR

DTN 799

Non-thesis Project  OR


1-3 hrs   OR

1-6 hrs

Elective courses

Students are not required to complete any elective courses but are welcome to work directly with their advisor and committee to determine if elective courses should be completed to strengthen their plan of study.

Culminating assessment of student learning

Students must demonstrate a culminating assessment of student learning by meeting one of the following:

1. Satisfactory completion of scholarly paper and formal community or professional presentation which are components of DTN 797; or

2. Satisfactory completion of a thesis and oral defense which are components of DTN 799.