Scholarships and Financial Aid

Funding your future

The Biomedical Sciences Department provides many opportunities for you to receive financial assistance to support your studies at Missouri State University. Some of the departmental scholarships are offered to students in a specific program.

Unless noted, all scholarships require at least the submission of the MSU Annual Scholarship Application by March 1. Additional application materials are required; the details are included in each scholarship description.

You may also qualify for additional University scholarships. The Office of Financial Aid provides information about University scholarships, grants and loans. For more information concerning tuition and costs visit the Tuition, Costs and Fees page. The financial aid website can also offer students convenient payment options.

Additional aid for graduate students

In addition to scholarships, graduate students should consider graduate assistantships, which provide valuable financial support and professional skills.

Biomedical Sciences Department Founders Scholarship

Selection criteria

Awarded annually to an undergraduate student admitted to a degree program within the Biomedical Sciences Department. The student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5, and be an active member of the Student Society of Cell and Molecular Biology. The student must have at least 9 hours of BMS and/or CHM classes completed at Missouri State University (which will be confirmed independently of the Scholarship Manager system by the Scholarship Selection Committee). Student must have a documented interest in biomedical sciences, and submit a 250 word essay on how a BMS scholarship will help them achieve their goals in the field.

Renewal criteria

This scholarship can be renewed, but students must reapply to be considered for renewal. 

Crystal Evans Pummill Scholarship


Scholarship amount varies depending on the availability of funding, but awards are usually $300.

Selection criteria

Awarded annually to the full-time senior Dietetics major graduating within the academic year with the highest overall GPA.

Renewal criteria

This scholarship cannot be renewed.