Costs and Benefits

NA grad costs

In addition to the cost of tuition there are several program costs that are associated with the DNAP program. Students are eligible for financial aid through the University. Mercy Springfield also offers students in the DNAP program tuition assistance that can be forgiven upon job placement at a Mercy facility, or repayment post graduation. Other scholarships are available through AANA and MSU graduate college. Tuition is subject to change according to University policy.

Sample list of Fall 2018 program costs (Entry level-RN to DNAP)

Academic Hours (119 hours and program fees after Fall 2017) $68,500
*Certified Background Check and Drug Screen $205.00
*AANA membership fee $200.00
*AANA malpractice Insurance
total for 2 years of clinical
*TYPHON group tracking fee $200.00
*NCE Exam (initial test only) $995.00
*SEE Exam (one time) $300.00
Application fee


MSU Graduate College Application fee $35.00
Confirmation Deposit (will be credited to 1st semester bill) $500.00
*ACLS/PALS/BLS certifications (one time-offered through the program) $200.00
*Ear piece and precordial stethoscopes $90.00
*APEX online review course $350.00
Graduation $100.00
Books estimated $2000.00

Review Class (recommended not required)
(average) plus travel expenses

  1. Prodigy
  2. Valley
  3. NARC 4U
  4. Dannemiller


Gas/Transportation/Housing to Clinical Sites at student expense.

* Beginning Fall 2017 (*) costs will be paid by the program .

Clinical site travel is at the expense of the student. All students are required to carry liability insurance once the clinical phase of education has begun. Insurance is available for purchase through the AANA. All university fees are subject to revision by the Board of Governors without notice, out-of-state fees apply. Please note that meals, housing, transportation and other living expenses are the responsibility of the student.


There are several benefits to completing the accredited DNAP program at Missouri State. As a student you will average 1000 to 1200 diverse cases in a surgical setting. You will complete a minimum of four clinical site rotations, that allow different anesthesia practice modalities. Regional experience, including chronic pain management, as well as general anesthesia experience provides a well rounded clinical experience. Tuition remains one of the lowest in the nation compared to other doctoral programs. Our graduates have a high success rate on the National Certifying exam upon graduation from the program.


Sample list of 2017 program costs (Completion-CRNA to DNAP)

As of January 2016, there is no out-of-state tuition on distance classes. Travel, books, paper fees and graduation fees will be in addition to the costs listed below. Costs are the same if taken over one, two or three years.

9 classes (3 credit hours each), distance tuition for a total of 27 hours
Each class=$900/credit hour for a total of 27 hours x $900 equal to $24,300


-Made and planned for the working CRNA.
-Quality program for great cost.
-Program can be completed online.
-Flexible to finish in 1, 2, or 3 years.