Comments From CMB Graduates Who Are Attending or Have Graduated From Dental School

  • "My knowledge in cell biology, histology, anatomy, physiology, general and organic chemistry and biochemistry was much more accelerated than several of my dental school classmates."
  • " I felt very comfortable with the pre-clinical classes that I took my first two years of dental school. this was due to experiences gained in the CMB courses that I took while at Missouri State University. When speaking with dental school classmates that attended other undergraduate programs I felt that the quality of classes and the information from them I had obtained was far superior to my peers. Please feel free to contact me if you have any predental student who wants to observe in my office or for anything else."
  • "The dental school curriculum is very similar to classes I was advised to take as an undergrad."
  • "Dental school was a definite change from Missouri State University, but I feel the CMB program prepared me well. There wasn't anything this past semester that was way over my head."
  • "One of the most positive strengths of the CMB program was (my advisor's) devotion to the Pre-Dental Program and placing qualified students in their prospective fields."

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