Program Requirements

BGS degrees do not require a minor, because the program is comprehensive.

Program Requirements

The candidate for this degree must meet the following requirements:

  1. General Education requirements (45-49 hours) - see General Education Program and Requirements section of catalog
  2. Significant coursework from two or three specific departments (minimum 45 hours)
    1. If three departments, a minimum of 15 hours from each.
    2. If two departments, a minimum of 21 hours each plus 3 additional hours in one of the departments to reach the 45 hour minimum.
    3. At least 18 of these hours must be upper division.
    4. At least 9 of these hours must be 400 level or above.
    5. The Public Affairs Capstone requirement of one of the specific departments
    6. A grade of C or better in all courses used in the BGS areas of emphasis
  3. Additional hours to bring the upper division total to at least 40
  4. Additional electives to bring the total hours to at least 120
  5. All General Baccalaureate Degree requirements except those applying to majors and options and multiple degrees and/or multiple majors - see General Baccalaureate Degree requirements section of catalog

How is the BGS degree different from an individualized major?

In the BGS program, you do not have to blend multiple disciplines toward a specific professional or academic goal.  

Instead, your coursework may be varied in focus, but must clearly explain how the BGS degree program would be personally beneficial in a way that the traditional degree (BA, BFA, BS, etc.) would not.

Consider the individualized major if you have a specific career or academic goal in mind.