Appendix A: Guidelines for Conduct

Student-athletes are one of the most visible groups in the University community due to their public exposure via the competitive arena and the media. Consequently, what they do and the way in which they do it are often subject to scrutiny by other members of the campus community. Student-athletes are, therefore, placed in a position which requires exemplary behavior, particularly in the classroom.

Basic courtesy and responsibility as a representative of the athletics department require that all student-athletes:

  • Treat instructors and classmates with courtesy and respect.
  • Arrive at class on time and not leave early.
  • Be prepared for class.
  • Be attentive in taking notes and active in participating in class discussions.
  • Notify instructors in advance when competition or travel requires missed classes.
  • Discuss with the instructor in advance the procedure to be followed if competition necessitates missing an examination or assignment deadline.

When student-athletes do things in groups with other student-athletes, their behavior invites judgments of student-athletes as a group. Student-athletes behavior should reflect positively on the athletics department in general and specific sports in particular. Behavior has a definite impact on the reputation of the athletic department and the attitude the campus community has toward the entire athletics program.

Similarly, student-athlete conduct will be closely scrutinized as during campus events, travel, and competition off-campus. Student-athletes are looked upon as role models, particularly by young children; it is important that personal conduct be above reproach at all times. It is expected that representatives of Missouri State University, either at the University or on road trips, will:

  • Abide by all team rules, training rules, and travel rules as outlined by the head coach.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Be courteous to, patient with, and cooperative with fans, officials, community people, and media personnel.
  • Refrain from use of inappropriate language, signs or symbols of unsportsman-like conduct.
  • Refrain from loud, attention-drawing, or discourteous behavior when traveling, staying in hotels, visiting other campuses.

Student-athletes who do not conform to the stated expected behavior of this code could be subject to discipline. The discipline may range from a warning to dismissal from the team, or reduction/withdrawal of athletically related financial aid.

Sportsmanship Statement

Missouri State University and its conference affiliations within the Missouri Valley Conference, the Gateway Football, Sun Belt Conference, and the Mid-American Conferences are committed to the ideals of good sportsmanship and fair play. All persons are requested to please show respect to the opposing team, game officials and each other. Persons participating in acts in conflict with good sportsmanship are subject to ejection from the facility or event. Cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.