Conversion of Textbooks and Materials

If this accommodation is approved, the required course texts will be ordered from the publisher when available. In the event that the ATC is unable to obtain the requested alternative format of a textbook, the student will be notified that the book will need to be scanned.

Generally, notice of 3 business days should be given for any conversion request. If the size of the document is larger than normal or there are complications in the scanning process, completion may need to be extended. In this event, the student will be notified by ATC staff promptly.

ATC staff will not search for or purchase any documents or textbooks. It is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, and students to bring or e-mail documents directly to the Access Technology Center.

Please note that unless other arrangements have been made the book binding will be removed from the textbook for scanning purposes. ATC will attempt to re-bind the book into a comb binder and return it to the student. Occasionally, some textbooks may be unable to be re-bound in this manner due to the thickness of the cover.

Once ATC has received book receipts and signed copyright agreements all files will be saved to the student’s online folder (add link here). Students are responsible for picking up all textbooks and other converted materials from the Access Technology Center office no later than finals week. Any material remaining after finals week will become the property of ATC.